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This page is for storing of information related to improving the comics articles on Memory Alpha. See also DC Comics TNG timeline, which has other information that will be used.

Recurring non-canon charactersEdit

Non-canon characters that appear in more than one comic issue will be kept track of here, while information on them and their appearances is being gathered for their respective article lists.

DC TNG CharactersEdit

Information on these characters will be listed on either the articles for the individual comics they appear in, or at DC TNG characters.

James McRobbEdit

Identified by last name in "Return to Raimon", and first name in "Murder, Most Foul".

Stated to be an "engineer" by Geordi La Forge in "Return to Raimon". He himself states that he does something related to "computing nucleonics parameters" and "puttering with engines" in the same comic.

He is stated by Worf to be the Assistant Chief Engineer in "The Hero Factor".


Ingrid McRobbEdit

Wife of James McRobb. Seems to not be in Starfleet. Her first name is given in "Murder, Most Foul", and her last name is confirmed in "The Hero Factor".


Randy StocktonEdit

A little annoying blond kid who called Data weird, and is new to the Enterprise. First name given in "Serafin's Survivors", last name in "Shadows in the Garden". Father is revealed to be dead in the latter.


Dara StocktonEdit

Mother of a little annoying blond kid who called Data weird, named Randy Stockton, and new to the Enterprise. Also has hair that changes color. Last name is given in "Shadows in the Garden". Also, it is revealed that her husband is dead. May possibly be hitting on Data in the same comic, as well as in "The Pilot".

Her last name is given in "Serafin's Survivors", and her first name in "The Battle Within".


Lajos CsizarEdit

A fencing partner for the Captain. Full name given in "The Pay Off!"



Crew member injured in an encounter with a Mezartine ship.


Jan RosenstrumEdit

A Starfleet admiral out of Starbase 104, he called the Enterprise to that base under suspicion of having violated Ferengi space. Picard served under him when he was just a captain, and saved his life on an away mission. He called for an investigation into the Enterprise destroying the Nairobi, but when another starship seemed to have been destroyed by the Enterprise during that time, he accompanied them when they went to the area to find out what was going on.



A Starfleet captain, possibly in command of either the Hood or the Courageous. He escorted the Enterprise to the starbase after she had been accused of the destruction of the USS Nairobi.



An alien lieutenant from Axgard, that works at operations. His name is first given in "Whoever Fights Monsters".


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