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Hello! I'm Mymindislost. I'm 21 years old and I live in Texas, USA, where I go to university and study photography. I also contribute to the Final Fantasy Wiki and the Punk Wiki, where I'm an admin. The Punk Wiki is very small right now, so if you have any knowledge or interest in punk rock, please help out. We'd really appreciate it! ^_^

I don't know how much actual information I'll be able to contribute to this wiki. I'll probably just be doing spelling/grammar/other clean-up here, at least for now.

Me and Star TrekEdit

I started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation with my parents every night back in the early '90s. I don't even remember how old I was. Suffice to say, I was pretty young. As Deep Space Nine and Voyager came out, we would watch those, too. To this day, TNG, DS9, and Voyager are my favorite series. I watch TNG and Voyager every day on Spike TV. I tend to annoy my roommate by saying, "Oh, it's this one," at the beginning of practically every episode. ^_^

I've only seen a couple of episodes of Enterprise. I just never really got into it. I think I'll try to catch up by watching on Sci-Fi, though, since I did like the couple of episodes I have seen. I've never liked the original series much. The acting is just so over-the-top and terrible (at least, I think so) that I just can't stand it. I've only seen one of the movies and I don't even remember which one it was or what it was about. I'll have to catch up on those, too, I guess.

Star Trek OpinionsEdit

Note: These opinions are only based on what I've watched/can remember. These are just my personal opinions. I'd be happy to give my reasoning for each on my talk page. Just ask. ^_^

Best Worst
Series Star Trek: Voyager Star Trek: The Original Series
Captain Jean-Luc Picard James T. Kirk
First Officer Chakotay Kira Nerys
Security Chief Odo Natasha Yar
Chief Engineer
Geordi La Forge and B'Elanna Torres
Sarah MacDougal
Chief Tactical Officer Tuvok Natasha Yar
Chief Medical Officer The Doctor Katherine Pulaski
Operations Manager Data Miles O'Brien
Ensign Harry Kim Wesley Crusher
Civilian Quark Kes

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