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Quick Introduction - 05/01/08Edit

I'm a research protocol analyst at a medical/research institution. At work, I spend a lot of time editing. In Memory Alpha so far (definitely more fun than work), I've tweaked the description in the Cranial implant article of just what Dr. Julian Bashir does for Elim Garak in DS9: "The Wire"--synthesizes Cardassian-compatible leukocytes to replace (not "repair") his damaged leukocytes. Sadly, I am unlikely to come across any more articles that will call on my ability to understand xenobiology.

As a preteen, I watched what is now known as "The Original Series" in its initial run, then watched each episode a dozen times in rerun. I saw the first movie on opening day and participated in the puzzled murmurs about the Klingons' new skull ridges. I never really got into "The Next Generation," I'm afraid (saw too many episodes where the drama dissipated and petered out, though I enjoyed Data and Picard). I've never seen "Voyager" or "Enterprise." I saw three scattered episodes of "Deep Space Nine" during its initial run--liked them a lot--but couldn't get into a weekly series that would tempt elementary school aged children away from homework, bedtime and reading on a school night. Then I caught an episode on Spike a couple of months ago and was hooked. I've now sworn off Spike and its endless ads for Girls Gone Wild and male enhancement and am buying and loving the DVDs--the characters (especially Odo and Garak), the setting (and its complex cultures), and the story arcs. My contributions to this site will be mainly details regarding what appears on screen in DS9.

And I'll likely nitpick grammar and spelling here and there as well.

I've had pretty good luck in different Internet forums with claiming the name "MultiplePOV." If you see that nom on IMDB (with a 1 added), the Washington Post, the Star Trek forums, or YouTube, it's me. If you look for, though, you'll find porn--not me.

My main contributions to Wikis previously were to Uncyclopedia. Though I didn't consistently log in ( is my work IP, I'm afraid), I wrote the Brecht[1] article (an unpopular enough subject that my original work remains with a funny addition from someone else regarding the meaning of "Brecht" and a not-so-funny addition regarding Linkin Park) and most of (the funny parts, anyway) the Fritz Lang[2]and HUAC[3] articles.

Nervously deleted a paragraph - 05/03/08 Edit

Well, relying once again on my understanding of xenobiology, I edited--this time deleting somebody's (could not locate the first instance with a wasted 45 minutes of comparing versions) carefully cited and linked paragraph regarding Cardassian resistance to kanar and treptacederine because the assertions were just plain wrong. Presumptuous, maybe. Correct, definitely. I await fallout.

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