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The Deep Space Nine Resistance was a small resistance cell onboard Deep Space 9 during the Dominion occupation early in the Dominion War. The cell was founded by Kira Nerys and Odo.


The War BeginsEdit

Main article: Second Battle of Deep Space 9.

In late 2373, Starfleet forces acting under orders from Captain Benjamin Sisko began to place hundreds of Self-replicating mines near the Alpha Quadrant aperture of the Bajoran Wormhole in an attempt to halt the weekly Jem'Hadar troop convoys reinforcing Cardassian space. After a failed attempt at negotiation, the Dominion attacked Deep Space Nine in an attempt to prevent the activation of the minefield. Though they were unable to stop the mines in time, the Jem'Hadar and Cardassian forces captured Deep Space Nine and occupied the station. Gul Dukat took command of the station, renaming it Terok Nor. ({{DS9|Call to Arms)


Three months into the Dominion War, the Federation Alliance was losing badly and retreating on nearly every front. On Terok Nor, Dukat and Weyoun's main priority was disabling the minefield so that Dominion reinforcements could survive. They invited Odo to join the station's Ruling Council as a means of validating the occupation. Though Kira and Odo suspected as much, Odo accepted the appointment as a means of spying on the Dominion's activities.

On stardate 51096.2, Vedek Yassim, an outspoken anti-Dominion voice on the station, committed suicide on the promenade, yelling "Evil must be opposed!" before jumping from the upper level balcony and hanging herself. This opened Kira's eyes, making her realize that she'd been doing very little to fight the occupation; even worse, she'd been openly helping them and defending them. She vowed to to start fighting back, and she and Odo formed a resistance cell. Quark, Rom and Jake Sisko joined as well.

Among the Resistance's first actions was to steal Glinn Damar's PADD -- which contained a proposal to poison the last ration of ketracel-white to prevent the Jam'Hadar from losing control of themselves once the drug ran out -- and deliver it to one of the Jem'Hadar on the station. The Jem'Hadar confronted Damar in Quark's bar, which led to a riot. This was done without Odo's knowledge or approval; when he confronted Kira, she accused him of taking his role on the station's Ruling Council too seriously, as if he were genuinely more interested in the smooth operation of the station than in defeating the Dominion.

Operation ReturnEdit

Main article: Operation Return.

The arrival of the Female Changeling on Terok Nor put further strain on Kira and Odo's relationship. Odo, ever curious about what it means to be a changeling, linked with her several times during her stay, despite Kira's fears that she was manipulating him.

Meanwhile, Damar had found a method of disabling the minefield by reconfiguring the station's [[deflector array] to fire an anti-graviton beam. Quark managed to learn this by intoxicating Damar with free drinks, and Resistance planned to disable the deflector array at 0800 the next morning. Odo would be responsible for disabling the alarms while Rom overloads the waveguide for the electro-plasma system feed. Unfortunately, at the appointed time Odo succumbed to the Female Changeling and was busy linking with her when Rom attempted to disable the deflector array. Rom was quickly apprehended and arrested, and when Kira confronted Odo he revealed that he no longer cared about anything beyond the Link.


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