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March 19, 2008

I've been reading Memory Alpha for probably a couple years (2006-ish is when I discovered it), and technically have had an account for about as long (as all Wikia sites use the same login, I believe the Doom Wiki was what caused me to register, but I'm not sure...), but only really started becoming interesting in editing Memory Alpha recently.

I consider myself a trekker (or trekkie, I'm rather neutral on which word to use); I can act either as a casual fan or as a hardcore one, whichever suits the situation best (I don't usually exert myself as hardcore in public, unless I'm at Star Trek: The Experience). I have yet to participate in a convention, though I hope to someday.

Currently, I own the following Star Trek DVDs:

I also almost always have access to the 2002 release of TNG on DVD; these are owned by a family member with whom I live. When my living conditions change, however, I probably will buy the 20th Anniversary box set of the series :)

Best of Trek Edit

Ah yes, I'm sure any fan has their likes and dislikes of the franchise. I'll start off positive:

  • Star Trek - The original that started it all! This series just kicks ass, and leaves little disappointment.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Of course, I enjoy DS9 as well; not as much as the original, but I still like it plenty.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation - I'm young enough, I grew up with this show. I love 'em all. These three series are quite simply the best there is.

Episodes I particularly enjoy include, but not limited to:

Overall, I have the following general scale for where I rate the many different series (I have never seen TAS so it's not included):


Movies II, IV, VI, and VIII never let you down if you want a movie filled with the perfect balances of action, plot, and adventure. Movies I and III fill important events in the history of Star Trek, but are not generally the films to watch any time, any occasion. Movies VII and IX are regular episode-grade material but still enjoyable from time-to-time.

Worst of TrekEdit

or Hall of Shame

Sadly, there were many parts of Star Trek which I did not enjoy. This is my list.

  • Star Trek: Enterprise - It's okay, and it has its good and well-intended moments, but generally the huge plotholes (*ahem*, excuse me...) killed it for me.
  • Star Trek: Voyager - Especially after the events of "Alliances" and "Threshold" (worst episode ever, even the writer agrees), it became boring old predictable episodes with almost no memorable moments. Plotholes not only against previous Star Trek series/movies, but also against its own show are abundant. I'd really rather not watch this again.

Two movies are also pretty bad: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier and Star Trek Nemesis. Star Trek V is really poorly thought-out, too much slapstick and ludicrous plot lines (travelling to the center of the galaxy in five days? yeah right). I'll grant one thing for it, it's still watchable only for laughs, so I've seen it probably three or four times in its entire length.

Now comes Star Trek Nemesis.... oh god, I can't even begin to start on the horrors. Plotholes abound (Wesley at the wedding, Worf on the Enterprise (demoted in rank, too), a slave race that supposedly can destroy its 'masters' at the flick of a wrist). Not to mention the lame attempted copy of II's ending; transferring Data's memory into B-4 (Spock -> McCoy) and subsequently killing himself (Spock + lethal radiation). Seriously, they tried to copy the best Star Trek film to date, and ended up with the worst Star Trek film instead. Why couldn't Data have his own transporter enhancer? HUH?

Nit-picking the better series', I can come up with the following (off the top of my head, more may come later):

  • TOS:
    • "Spock's Brain" - "Brain and brain! What is brain?" is the perfect way to describe this. I believe the episode speaks for itself; [1]
    • "And the Children Shall Lead" - Been a while since I've seen it, but basically some kids take of the Enterprise. Yeah... no thanks.
  • TNG:
    • "Skin of Evil" - Worst Death Ever. Basically a giant booger kills Tasha Yar. I could respect the actress' wish to leave for her reasons, but to go out like this is just horrible.
    • "Samaritan Snare" - Never warmed up to this episode, probably because of the unbelievability of the aliens.

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