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A quick rundown on who I am: I'm a long time Trek fan, ever since I was introduced to The Original Series at the age of 6. I already had an interest for astronomy so Trek was a natural extension of this curiosity. I went to many conventions in the early 1990s, in the heyday of TNG and the 25th anniversary of TOS... ah those were the good days to be a Trekkie...

More recently I am a contributor to I contribute the screen captures to most of the Remastered TOS screenshot articles that TrekMovie has done weekly since TOS-R started broadcasting in 2006. I've worked with Memory Alpha member Jorg to get cpatures of new TOS-R details and enhancements for Memory Alpha. I also use Memory Alpha as a resource quite often and I've edited a few pages anonymously in the past, but I finally decided I'd make a proper profile here at M.A.

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