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Hi! I'm Marianne, a geeky girl from England, 24 (at the time of writing, 2008), I've loved Star Trek ever since I was little, including the old ones, though I actually saw the original series movies before the original series itself, and while I could recognise everyone else, Scotty not being grey haired and not having a moustache confused me greatly! Other confusion Star Trek caused when I was a little girl included "Heart of Glory" somehow making me think that Worf (and all Klingons) had black plastic lego-like claws instead of hands - I guess I got confused when they built that disruptor - And I never noticed Worf actually having hands until "Q Who". So that' entire season of thinking Klingons had artificial claw things instead of hands?

I run GNU/Linux (Fluxbuntu to be specific, although I ran Debian for ages and even switched from Linux to FreeBSD for a while) and OS X, and do computer programming as a hobby, I love all sorts of music (and sometimes create it), have rather an artistic side at times, and I'm very spiritual in a paganish sense, I love nature and feel everything has a sort of life energy...hmmm, maybe that's why I love DS9 so much!

Also, I own quite a few domains - most of the having websites up:

Did you know... Edit

Gates McFadden

OMG, she's 59!

...that everyone you grew up watching on Star Trek: The Next Generation is getting really, really old now? Nevermind about William Shatner (James T. Kirk) and Leonard Nimoy (Spock) getting on a bit, Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard)-Lu is 67! Diana Muldaur (Katherine Pulaski) is 69!! Even Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi) is 53. It's not even confined to TNG, ickle baby faced Anthony Montgomery (Travis Mayweather) is 37 now!

...that the episodes Spock's Brain, Shades of Gray, Threshold, and These Are the Voyages... are in fact really, really dumb? Seriously, just watch them. As Spock's brain is stolen, your brain will melt. Watching William Riker's nightmares all in one go (which you've already seen once) is a nightmare in itself. Tom Paris devolving into a salamander may well devolve you into someone with the intellectual capacity of a Tribble, and even T'Pol thinks that the episode where Trip suffers such a pointless death™ is dumb like a moose. Marianne disclaims any responsibility for brain damage caused by watching these episodes all in one go.

...that this is not a real "Did you know..." page? I have a twisted sense of humour, and cannot help parodying things. Normally, I'd not bother to point this out, figuring you're a pretty smart bunch of people, but if you've ignored the disclaimer at the end of the last fake "Did you know..." then you'll be lucky to even have a double digit IQ anymore. You've only got yourself to blame, so no going all Khan on me. Besides, with your newly lowered IQ, you probably don't have the mental capacity to come out with the sentance "From stupidity's heart I stab at thee", and vacant drooling combined with hitting yourself over the head with your ray gun does not make for an intimidating villain.

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