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November 7, 2005
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Hi Everyone the main cause i've created this page, is that it's quite irritating, seeing my nick red:-)

My name is Tomek Dudkiewicz, (pretty hard to spell, huh), and I'm from Poland, wich may explane some mistakes i may have made. I'd like to start polish vershion of MA, but it's not work for one man.

I've joined Memory Alpha in November 2005, before i started any contributions, because i dont like to leave any unsigned work (weather it is good, or not so...)

About meEdit

Well I was born in 1984, in Warsaw, where i live now. My first contact with Star Trek happend when I was about 12 i can't remember correctly, when Our TV aired The Motion Picture As I haven't watched it from the beginning, I didn't even know the name "Star Trek", but i still loved the show

Few yaers later, i started watching The Next Generation, and i really enjoyed it, though it has was aired somehow chaoticlly (i remeber seeing "Q Who" before "Encounter at Farpoint")

I'm also quite familiar with Enterprise, and right now I'm rediscovering DS9.

Well, that is all for now. I'll write more, someday...perhaps

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