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March 21, 2010

Greetings, I have been a long time reader of Memory Alpha, I tend to pass the time reading its articles since I have not seen every episode (lacking lots of DS9 and ENT). I thought I would add some contributions...especially to some of the comic books that I have read...and do my best. I would like for those that regard the comic books as somehow "less than TREK" to understand that, while they are not canon, they can be enjoyed for what they are. Some are quality stories from talented artists and writers. I will, thus, make as detailed a summary as I can, spoilers and all.

I enjoy the style of the better written articles and especially enjoy the background information and even speculations made in those sections.

I hope I can be of some service.

I am a history teacher, historian and musician by trade and greatly enjoy Star Trek.

I would also like to add, I think Memory Alpha is, by far, the best Trek Reference out there...regards to the printed materials and their authors. I say this because it is a living growing resource, there is additional information and there is the potential to increase that information.

I serve in the Civil Air Patrol as well, thus the rank "Major." Please feel free to improve my work and "round off" some of my articles.

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