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This page is for things that I find to be important and/or interesting. Some things on this page will be humourous. Read at your leasure and comment if you like.

Drop the bat'leth and back away from the targ carcass Edit

Batleth, Barge of the dead

The primary weapon of choice in battle.

There comes a point in every battle where it has come to its natural end. You may have won, you may have lost, or you may have found yourself in an honourable draw. At this point, you should drop the bat'leth and back away from the targ carcass.

All battles have a natural end. The natural end to a battle may come when one wins, or when the participants find themselves interested in other battles. Whether a battle is won, or whether a battle has lost interest for the warriors, everyone should all walk away.

If someone does not walk away and continues to hack and maim the bloody carcass of the targ, keeps the targ to bring out months later, or parade the carcass in the faces of others, they have dishonored themselves and are annoying the gre'thor out of everyone else.


The only part of a targ that should be savored.

If you have won a battle, glory to you and your house! Be about the business of the Empire. Let your opponents be about the business of the Empire as well. Do not throw your victory in their faces. If you have lost a battle, remember that honor comes to those who are willing to prepare for it. Be about the business of the Empire. Do not dishonor youself with legalese and double-speak. These are not the ways of a warrior. If the battle has come to a stand-still, with no one attacking or defending, walk away. The battle is over.

The next time you find yourself standing over the bloody carcass of a dead targ, stop slashing it with your bat'leth. It will not help.

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