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Introduction Edit

Hello, I am Madman. Having been a Trek fan since it started, I have seen most of the episodes from all of the Star Trek series and all of the movies. But it's only been as of the last several years that I've been collecting recordings. And soon there will be another movie to add to our collections, ie Star Trek XI, as it is being refered to for now, until they pick a name for it that is. And hopefully there will eventually be another Star Trek series. Until then, it appears to me to be up to novelists and cartoonists to keep this universe alive. Although I am not a writer by trade, I hope to contribute a short story. At least, I'm working on it.

Here's my idea for a movie, or maybe a series:

Some time, not too soon, after the end of the Dominion war, DS9 receives a hail from an approaching ship. Only this ship is a rather unusual ship to be approaching the station like this. It is a Borg cube. When Kira orders the hail to be displayed on screen, the face of the lead drone appears and asks for permission to come aboard the station. They want to talk, to arrange an alliance, and to enlist help for a problem they are having. The story goes like this: the Borg collective has broken up since the introduction of Admiral Janeway's pathogen. Many borg ships and even whole worlds have been destroyed or at least left adrift without guidance since the pathogen managed to spread far enough. Eventually, those that have survived have formed into two main factions: 1. those that want to try to reestablish the collective. And 2., those that have tasted of individuality and want very much to keep it. Some of these "Individualists" have regained at least some of the memory of their past existance before being assimilated. Still others simply find the life of the individual a more inviting prospect. The end result of this is a growing trend toward civil war. The ship that came to DS9 is a ship full of individualists who wish to enlist the help of those who put up the greatest resistance (not counting species 8472 that is) in the history of the Borg, the United Federation of Planets of the alpha and beta quadrants. There is some possibility that Captain Picard may want to find Scotty, Dr. McCoy, and even Jim Kirk again to serve as the voices of experience for his new crew of rookies that now serve aboard Enterprise-E. Well, ok, Jimmy Doohan is no longer available so no Scotty. After all, I wouldn't want that part being played by anyone else. But there must be others who are available for their previous roles in DS9, Voyager, etc, etc. Perhaps, the Titan under Captain Riker could get involved too. The adventure would be about putting down this new uprising of Borg "Collectivists" and try to preserve the integrity of the Galaxy from this new threat. And, it may be necessary to try to encourage species 8472 to contribute to this cause as well.

Scotty, Spock, and Dr. McCoy were shown to still be around in a couple of Next Generation episodes, and Shatner brought back Jim Kirk in his novels. Since then, the novelists have kept them alive. So, maybe Kirk and McCoy could be in the next movie. And if Nimoy is available, maybe even Spock, too. A great idea I think, providing it doesn't prove too difficult or expensive to retrieve the necessary "all star" cast this idea would require. Hell, why not bring in Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine, after all she's a Borg expert. And of course there are others that would be great in this picture too, like Janeway, Tom Paris, maybe Chakotay or B'Ellana Torres. Oh well, dreaming is easy. But this cast would not be cheap. I wonder how many fans would want to pay box office to see this thing. Eh?

Madmen of Star Trek Edit

Here's a list of some madmen from Trek history:
Phillip Green
Khan Noonien Singh
Emperor Tiberious
Dr. Tolian Soran

Trek In My History Edit

Star Trek began in 1966. I was 16 years old that year. But I was more interested in getting high and playing music with my friends than in watching TV back then. It wasn't until I entered the Marines and noticed Kirk and Spock on the TV in the base rec room that I began to get interested in it. But it soon became my favorite show and I hated to miss it. Later I got out of the Corps and did a lot of partying and running around, again not much TV. As the years went by, however, I began to slow down and settle back in front of the tube, and started going to movies a lot too. After Trek was discontinued from TV and my disappointment waned enough, I sort of lost track of it and got interested in other stuff like Star Wars, The Exorcist, etc., etc. It was quite a treat when the Trek movies started rolling and the heroes of Trek-dom returned in blazing glory again, this time on the huge "silver screen". From that time on I've been growing more into a Trekie couch potato. If I'd been rich, I probably would have attended conventions and stuff like that, but I wasn't. I'd like to finance my kids when they try to invent the transporter or warp drive or whatever. Yea right. Like that'll ever happen. Besides, I didn't save anything. I spent the money on pop and chips to go with watching the boob tube. The marines made me an electronics wiz so maybe some day I'll transport myself 400 years into the future onto USS Voyager in the Delta Quadrant and shock the bejeeziz out of them. After what they've seen, though, I doubt that some tinkerer from 20th century Earth showing up and claiming to have just accidently transported into a Science fiction adventure story,... come to think of it, Chakotay would probably laugh, Tuvok would just raise his eyebrows and look sceptically at me, Janeway would see me as a mentally unstable intruder and want to lock me up, and Seven of Nine, upon hearing my explanation would probably say something like, "An unlikely story." I wonder what B'Elanna would say. Maybe I could get her to help me figure out how to prove my story is true.

What's my story? Edit

Late one sleepless night, I had just inserted a recording of an episode of Star Trek: Voyager into my VCR. While looking for the TV/VCR remote control unit, I noticed something crack under my foot. After taking the broken remote control to my work bench and doing a little repair, I returned to my easy chair and attempted to press the "play" button. Just then, I suddenly noticed a strange sensation. I began feeling tingly all over. Soon, the room started evaporating around me. After a few seconds, I found myself standing on what appeared to me to be a transporter pad in a starship cargo bay. Across the way I noticed something that looked like a Borg regeneration alcove. As I walked slowly over towards it, I began to realize what had happened. I had just been transported into the show! This was the Star ship USS Voyager! And I was on it! Needless to say, I was shocked and confused. And my confusion was only compounded upon noticing the stately and sexy figure of none other than Seven of Nine standing in her alcove, sleeping like a,... well a borg I guess. Should I try to wake her? Or should I just walk out into the ship and see what else I can find? Hmm. Well, since I have no idea what buttons to press on her alcove, it seems it may be best to just let this pretty Borg drone regenerate for now. Maybe I can make my way to the Bridge or the Mess hall or something like that. As I started toward what looked like the cargo bay door, hoping it led out to the corridor, I heard what sounded like Seven getting off of her alcove behind me. So, I stopped and turned to see if I was right. Sure enough there was Seven standing there looking at me with her own kind of puzzlement on her face. I was speechless and confused. But she spoke up first, "You do not look familiar to me. And your clothes are strange too. Who are you?" She looked at my hands and noticed, I suppose, that I was not armed, and immediately tapped her comm-badge <chirp-chirp> and spoke into it, "Seven to Captain Janeway: We have an intruder in the cargo bay. He is human, dressed in strange clothes, and as far as I can tell is unarmed." Janeway's answer was, "Tuvok and I will be right there. Stay put." Seven responded with "Aye, Captain." While waiting for them to arrive, I wondered what episode I had invaded, if any. Knowing that, I thought, would at least give me some advantage ... or perhaps just something to offer in friendship. Surely they'll eventually come to see that I don't represent a hostile invasion force. Suddenly the door slid open and Janeway and Tuvok strode up to me, Seven of Nine standing directly behind me. I felt like I was about to be arrested when the Captain asked me, "It isn't every day we discover a stow-away aboard Voyager. Identify yourself, please." I said, "My name is Jim." Tuvok then asked, "And where did you come from? How did you get onto Voyager without anyone knowing about it?" And I replied, "Apparently you all know about my being here. But I assure you I am not here for any hostile reason. In fact I'm not sure how I came to be here at all. It just happened. One minute I was home in my living room and the next thing I knew I was being transported into cargo bay two." Of course that explains it, Jim. You can surely see from the blank skeptical look on everyone's faces that this explanation of yours will surely carry the day. Try again. "Actually, I come from Earth. And not only that, I come from about four hundred years in the past." Oh, this is really going to get you some medical help at least, if not absolute confinement. Come on. Then the Captain said, "Well you certainly aren't the first strange case to come along. But if you come from Earth four hundred years ago,,... Tuvok, see that our guest is assigned some accomodations. He should be confined to quarters for now." Then she looked at me. "I'm going to have to do some investigating of your story, Jim. In the meantime just relax and stay in your quarters until I have time to look into this." Quarters? She's giving me quarters? This is going to be some adventure I think. I don't suppose she would object to my having a comm-badge. Maybe I'll eventually get to go around and meet all the crew. We'll see I guess. --- (stay tuned).

Some Starship in orbit around Earth Edit

USS Defiant orbiting Earth, 2155

Spock: Captain, my sensors tell me that the planet below is populated largely by idiots. It is Earth in the early 21st century! Bad medicine. Brutal discipline. No freedom. Things were better in the dark ages. I think we may have hit the wrong time period. Shall I recalculate for another time warp?

Captain Kirk: Negative Spock. I want to go down and have another one of those "Mik-e-lobe" drinks. Damn thing knocked me on my ass last time.

Some of My Favorite Quotes Edit

Scotty Edit

TOS: "The Naked Time" "I can't change the laws of physics! I've got to have thirty minutes." -Montgomery Scott, while the Enterprise spiraled towards it's doom and the crew was recovering from the local dimentia, little did they know that they would be traveling back in time.

TNG: "Relics" "Synthetic scotch, synthetic commanders." - After Lt. Cmdr. Data introduced himself in the Ten Forward lounge.

"It is, is green." -Data to Capt. Scott when he was about to offer him a drink of Aldebaran whiskey. This quote hails from another episode, "By Any Other Name", where Scotty had opened a bottle from his secret stash to share with the Kelvan Tomar.

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock "The more they overthink the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain."

Dr. McCoy Edit

TOS: "Spock's Brain" "I'll never live this down. This vulcan is telling me how to operate." Dr. McCoy, while he was operating on Spock in a bold attempt to replace his brain, began to forget the advanced surgical knowledge that the "teacher" had given him. Spock then began to speak up. With a distorted voice, the Vulcan suggested that the good doctor finish connecting his vocal cords so he could help with the operation.

-Madman 20:49, 3 April 2006 (UTC)

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