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I'm Madame Arsenic, and I'm just a humble Trek fan.

As a Trek fanEdit

My favorite series' are TNG and DS9. I'm interested in the more "common" and cultural affairs in the Star Trek universe. I'm making my largest contribution to this site by finishing the large number of incompete TNG Episodes, starting with "The Last Outpost".

Feel free to contact me if you think that one of my actions needs to be discussed.

Also, if you're interested, check out my gaming clan's website: Omnip)o(tents

Latest WorksEdit

TNG: "Masks"

Favorite Least-Mentioned SpeciesEdit

My Favorite Least-Mentioned Species
Betelgeusian make-up proof
Pakled Promenade
Betelgeusian Pakled Bolian
Star Trek: The Motion Picture:
You can see a Betelgeusian during the V'Ger briefing and a screen test was made with the Betelgeusian ambassador seen here.
"Samaritan Snare" and various DS9 episodes. Ever since someone said that Deanna Troi looked more like a Pakled than herself in ENT: "These Are the Voyages..." they've held a place in my heart.
"Conspiracy" and on to DS9 and VOY. The barber Mot was a Bolian, but Captain Rixx seems like the only high-ranking Bolian to show up in any series.

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