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Lt. Commander Kacper

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Some of my favorite quotes from Star Trek: Voyager:

"When diplomacy fails, there's only one alternative... Violence! Force must be applied without apology, it's the Starfleet way." -- (VOY: "Living Witness")

"They may have found a way to ignore the moral implications of what you are doing, but I have no such luxury. I don't have the freedom to kill you to save another. My culture finds that to be a reprehensible and entirely unacceptable act." -- (VOY: "Phage")

"If we were closer to home I would lock you up, I'd turn you over to my authorities for trial. But I don't even have that ability here, and I am not prepared to carry you forever in our brig. So I see no other alternative, but to let you go." -- (VOY: "Phage")

"If I ever encounter your kind again, I will do whatever is necessary to protect my people from this harvesting of yours. Any aggressive actions against this ship and its crew will be met by the deadliest force. Is that clear?" -- (VOY: "Phage")

""I don't like threats, I don't like bullies, and I don't like you!"" -- (VOY: "State of Flux")

"My, what a temper. That's from your Mother's side, isn't it?" -- (VOY: "The Thaw")

"Your voice says to go away, but your heart wants me to make you smile!" -- (VOY: "Meld")

"If we don't get more power to the warp drive we're all going to have to get out and push!" -- (VOY: "Parallax")

"You were working for her, Seska was working for them, was anyone on that ship working for me?" -- (VOY: "State of Flux")

"Mr. Kim, we're Starfleet officers. Weird is part of the job." -- (VOY: "Deadlock")

"Ever since my first day on the job as a Starfleet Captian, I swore I'd never let myself get caught in one of these Godforsaken paradoxes. The past is the future, the future is the past, it all gives me a headache." -- (VOY: "Future's End")

"Well, so much for lunch." -- (VOY: "Macrocosm")

"When no appropriate rule applies, make one up." -- (VOY: "False Profits")

"It is unsettling. You say that I am human and yet I am also Borg. Part of me not unlike your replicator. Not unlike the Doctor. Will you one day also choose to abandon me as well?" -- (VOY: "Latent Image")

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