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Lordvoid resides in Truro, Nova Scotia and enjoys playing guitar, trumpet and bass and watching, reading and listening to anything Star Trek related. He owns over 9000 Star Trek books and owns about 95% of released dvd material (including all 10 feature films, and season box sets from all the shows, [I need to get the TOS-R boxsets though. Theres that 5%])

For reasons beyond his comprhension he dislikes this emoticon ^_^ and this one ^.^ or anyone with a ^ as eyes. He doesn't think they're cute, do not use them around him as he has been known to violently lash out and strike persons who do not heed this warning.

A firm believer of rules one and two he's not pleased when newfags, particularily 13 year old boys, spout memes in public or think they're incredibly cool when they yell "can I haz dee mudkipz" or related, retarded things. And indeed he does know he's walking a fine line with rules 1 and 2 atm but he doubts many people will even be reading this so it doesn't particularily matter really.

If it turns out you are reading this, feel free to say something in my discussion /b/oard, i mean board.

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