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Lord Hyren

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September 5, 2007
Q in 2364
Gender: Male
Born: Possibly
Species: Human, more or less
Occupation: Sometimes
Rank: Only to my friends
Favorite Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Favorite Film: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Favorite Episode: "The Thaw"
NCC-1701-J USS Enterprise
"Oh, you'd like me to connect the dots for you, lead you from A to B to C, so that your puny mind could comprehend.
How boring.
- Q

My Trek History:Edit

I first started watching back in the late nineties and that was Voyager. I didn't like DS9 at the time; probably because it was on a station and not a ship. Watching Voyager inspired feelings I'm sure I share with those who watched TOS when Star Trek first debuted in the 1960's: the wonder and the amazement at all the different exciting places these crews were going. And it was all new; not already discovered and just a new side of the coin as with DS9 and TNG. That's the reason why I liked Enterprise at the first as well...
Since Voyager was the first series I watched (I started tuning in after season 3) my first, and subsequently favorite, villain on Trek were the Borg. The Collective remained a constant threat and reminder especially with Seven of Nine on the bridge. After the Borg, any other Trek villains I watched just seemed wimpy. Even when I started watching DS9 with earnest, the Dominion just seemed like another Klingon, another Romulan, another Cardassian, it was just another generic bad guy the writers came up with. (I think it's obvious that I heavily disagree that the fangs of the Borg have been removed due to their alleged "overuse.")
In the present I'm currently watching as much DS9 and Enterprise as I can; they're quickly becoming likable, if not a great piece of the Trek universe in my view. I watched TNG in the early 2000's, and it was alright; if a bit too dreamy of a perfect world for my taste.
I think the best thing the producers and writers of DS9 did was the introduction of Section 31. Always in such societies, as the Federation, there's some sect, like 31, that keeps the gutters clean. Plus I wouldn't mind being a spy myself.

See you out there.

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