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December 7, 2004
Username: Judson
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There is no way for me to completely describe who I am as a person on this page. However I will share some of my political views with those reading this article. Before you read the information, I just want everyone to know that I am not a crazy ideologue who hates anybody that disagrees with me. So if you think I'm crazy for believing in what I believe, fine with me, that's just your opinion.

Restricting Partial-birth abortion or other specific procedures is reasonable, but clinic access should be unfettered. I am Pro-Choice (with reservations), but believe that some restrictions are acceptable.

Affirmative action is a noble idea, but it should not be enforced by government. The government should enforce an end to racial prejudice, period.

Neither governments nor corporations have any right to decide about sexual preferences. Give same-sex partners the same status as heterosexual partners, and give same-sex marriage the same status as traditional marriage.

Prayer in schools is inappropriate because it fails to recognize American pluralism and religious diversity.

The death penalty and other strict forms of law enforcement will reduce the crime rate by removing criminals from the streets and by deterring others from criminal acts. Capital punishment laws should be enforced, although perhaps adjusted to ensure a fair process and to avoid mistakes.

Judicial discretion should not be diminished by formulaic sentencing like 'Three Strikes.' Let judges and juries decide what penalties to apply in each case.

The right to bear arms is a basic Constitutional right and expresses the democratic principle of self-defense against tyrannical government. Leave gun rights as they are.

Nationalized health care would entail a government takeover of a large portion of the economy and undue intrusions into our personal medical histories. Remove the federal government from the health care industry.

Our retirement funds should not be entrusted to the government. The entire Social Security system should be run instead as we currently run IRAs, Keogh plans, 401(k)'s, and other private pension plans.

School choice helps the poor who would otherwise be stuck in failing schools. Why should only the elite be able to afford private school? Subsidize parents' school choices to foster equality, as long as the school respects separation of church and state, and meets basic state standards.

The cost of dealing with global warming is far higher than the potential damage, so we should do nothing. There's some evidence for global warming, but the effects are not certain. We should perhaps sign on to some international agreements, but make only minimal financial commitments for now.

We should have regulated decriminalization. Medical marijuana might be legalized, for example, as might clean hypodermic needles. Our drug policy should be reformed, with less criminal penalties and more drug abuse clinics.

Replace the federal welfare system with services provided by churches and other faith-based organizations. Supply block grants to those organizations instead of funding welfare agencies.

A Flat tax would simplify the entire tax system. It would get rid of loopholes that drive tax-avoiding behaviors. And it would remove most deductions and the special interests that come with them.

Immigration restrictions are basically racist because they keep out Hispanics and other non-whites. We should reform US immigration laws and use them to increase our diversity and cultural tolerance.

Free trade is in our national interest because it provides economic growth and jobs. We should only restrict free trade when it poses a security risk or hurts the US economy.

We have an obligation as the leaders of the world to maintain a strong military. And we have an obligation to our service personnel to pay them adequately.

Build and deploy Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative to protect the US against terrorists and rogue nations. More research and development is needed immediately.

Buy American and impose import tariffs against China. Take a hard-line on the immorality of the Chinese government: No WTO, no MFN.

The United Nations is irrelevant. Phase out foreign aid entirely - we should focus on America. We have plenty of domestic issues to spend our resources on. We should exit the UN and other organizations that use our money with little US benefit.

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