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Hi, welcome to my user page! I am 22 years old and currently between uni and my first "proper" job which starts in September. So got rather a lot of time on my hands and I tend to spend a lot of it on Memory Alpha!

Aside from Star Trek, I am hugely into Star Wars, Farscape and Blake's 7.

I am currently watching the following ST programmes:

I have watched various other random episodes of VOY and TOS. I have absolutely no desire to start watching Voyager regularly, as I have not really liked any of the episodes I've seen. I will get around to starting TOS eventually, but the lack of an agreed-upon order for watching the episodes puts me off. I have never watched a single episode of TAS. The only ST film I have seen is Star Trek: Insurrection, though I know that it's not one of the best.

Despite the relatively few ST episodes I've watched, I have quite a wide knowledge of Star Trek, mainly from reading Memory Alpha and from having a few friends who are into ST. In particular I am interested in story arcs, like the search for the Xindi superweapon, and the Dominion War.

While most people got into Star Trek through TNG or TOS, the way I got interested in Star Trek was rather unconventional; it was through watching A Klingon Challenge.

Other random episodes I've seen include:

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