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I live in Ohio, I collect Start Trek episodes and images.

I currently have every episode of the following series:

-Deep Space Nine



I am in the process of getting "The Next Generation" and will most likley have them complete in less than a month about or so. If any one would like for me to watch an episode to clarify any referance or to research any points just drop me an e-mail. I am an avid user of WinMx you can also drop me a line there. My Yahoo Mesenger account name is the same as my e-mail name.

My Favorite Series in OrderEdit

1) The Next Generation

2) Voyager

3) Deep Space Nine

4) Enterprise

5) Star Trek: The Animated Series

6) Star Trek

Its Time For The White! =/\=Talk=/\= 00:20, 27 February 2006 (UTC)

Dream Ship Edit

This is an area where I will describe my drem ship and crew. It's a fun idea I had one night and now I'll add it here:)all ranks would be provisinal and not onscreen or canon in anyway, just what i want them to be.

The Ship: Intrepid Class

  1. With 12 Phaser Arays
  2. 2 aft 2 front Photon Torpedo Launchers
  3. Intact Aeroshuttle serving as captians yatch
  4. 5 Delta Flyer-esq "Fighter Shuttles" (own concept)


  • XO: Cmd. Data
  • OPS: Cmd. Chakotay / Lt.Cmd. Geordie La Forge
  • CONN: Lt. Thomas Paris / Lt.Jrg. Nog
  • SECURITY Lt.Cmd. Tuvok / Lt.Cmd Odo
  • TACTICAL Cmd. Benjamin Sisko / Lt.Cmd. Worf
  • ENGINEER Lt. Miles O'Brian / Lt. Reginald Barclay
  • CMO Dr. Julian Bashier / Voyager's EMH
  • SCIENCE En. 7 of 9 / Lt. Spock / En. Jadzia Dax

Fighter ShuttlesEdit

I have always wondered why on trek we have never seen a fighter shuttle, other than the perigrine, but thats a stand alone vessle. I was thinking it would be kinda cool if a ship would launch a small squadren of well armed/arrmored shuttle craft, with mid warp capabilities (4-8ish)and a large sheild generator. in one on one combat between a ship like the ent-d or voyager vs a romulan warbird or a vorcha class fighter the fighter shuttles would provide support and provide multiple targets to confuse the enimies. a good attack pattern could be:

  1. Shuttle: Target Sheild Generators
  2. Shuttle: Target Weapons Systems
  3. Shuttle: Target Impulse Engins
  4. Shuttle: Target Warp Drive
  5. Shuttle: Target Thrusters

Leaving the mother ship to target any system than needs emidiate attention as some of these systems will be more gaurded than others. If the paln of attack works than this would leave the enemy ship very crippled and very defensless. It would also even the odds between an Intrepid class ship and the larger ships of the line like the D'Class warbird.

If anyone whishes to comment on this page or my dream ship feel free to do so in the comments section of This Page. Thank you in advance and I hope to see you on the site all making great changes :)Its Time For The White! =/\=Talk=/\= 06:48, 27 February 2006 (UTC)

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