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December 25, 2004
Real Name: Ivo A. Sieder
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Nationality: German
Born: 1983
Occupation: Student at Greifswald university


Best/ Worst TOS episodes:

Season 1: "Court Martial"/ "Charlie X"
Season 2: "The Trouble with Tribbles"/ "Catspaw"
Season 3: "The Enterprise Incident"/

Best/ Worst TNG episodes:

Season 1: "The Neutral Zone"
Season 2: "Peak Performance"
Season 3: "The Hunted"
Season 4: "Brothers"
Season 5: "The Next Phase"/ "The Outcast"
Season 6: "Rascals"/ "Frame of Mind"
Season 7: "The Pegasus"/ "Liaisons"

Best/ Worst DS9 episodes:

Season 1: "Dramatis Personae"
Season 2: "The Jem'Hadar"
Season 3: "The Die is Cast"
Season 4: "The Way of the Warrior"
Season 5: "Call to Arms"
Season 6: "Sacrifice of Angels"
Season 7: "What You Leave Behind"

Favourite VOY episode: "Message in a Bottle"

Favourite ENT episode: "Babel One"

Major Contributions

Richard Galen, Roberta Lincoln, Riley Frazier, K'mpec, K'Ehleyr, Aquiel Uhnari

Articles created by me

Hercules, Cardinal, Denkir (unit), Moët et Chandon, Epsilon Municipality, Alpha Municipality, Gray Municipality (Nel III), Taylor Hospital (Nel III), Rich Thorne (Doctor), Gray Municipality, trimagnesite, Pat, Nyria V, Lisa (22nd century), Indiana State University, A Night at the Opera, Bing Crosby, Hopalong Cassidy, Tarpon Springs, Ledara, Boche, Lohden, Orion III, Scudo, Santa Croce, Halla, Susie Crabtree, Scarsdale, Telfas Prime, Potak III, Gyrannan system, William Butler Yeats, Twenty-Fourth Street, San Francisco Sun, Porter Street, William Myers, Helen, Alexander Hamilton, Hannibal, D'Artagnan, Richelieu, Shish kebab, TO DO:January 5th/6th, Rateg, Hanolin asteroid belt, Juhryan freighter, New Gaul, Birythium, Nillimite, Sizing scanner, Merik III, Tozhat Province, O. Polanco, M. Nuttman, W. Comeau, Alvinian melon, Spitfire, I. Feinberg, W. Mies, P. Pacheco, K. Nakonse, A. Banda, A. Estradajem, W. Dunsel, J. Nzenwa, Atara, Roberto, Leo Tolstoy, Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, Lighthouse of Alexandria, Potato salad, Scruffers, Hector, Arakis Prime, Minaran spinach, Bobby Cabe, Westgate Avenue, Bob Hope, Jonathan Swift, Matalas Prime, Kultarey, Daphne, Athena, Claudius Marcus (gladiator), Achilles (892-IV), Cromwell, Charley, Central Intelligence Agency, Delvan pudding, Santa Cruz, Bardoli, Bensen, Alpha Echevarria IV, Albright-Salzman syndrome, Alexandria, Giorgio Vasari, Arno, Aristotle, Adoration of the Magi, The Battle of Anghiari, Cyrus, Alice Springs, Indian food, Burala Prime, Sea bass, Apple juice, Archie, Galapagos Islands, Deborah, Schmidt, Rochelle, Sherry, Sicily, Scandinavia, San Francisco Register, Rogerson, Geneva, Pacific Bell, Pagliacci, Norma, Tosca, Royal Museum of Epsilon Hydra VII, Undersecretary for Agriculture, Ptolemy II, McMillan, The Last Supper, Volkswagen, Promethean quartz, Central America, Marina del Rey, AIDS, Lee's Summit, Alfredo Pedillo Jose, Jean Labeau, Manark IV, Telemarius III, Bermuda, Highway 949, National Security Agency, DC-3, He 111, Concorde, Jacqueline Kennedy, Osama Bin Laden, Nelson Mandela, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Saddam Hussein, Norman Schwarzkopf, Ruhollah Khomeini, Mikhail Gorbachev, Mao Zedong, Leonid Brezhnev, Fidel Castro, Decathlon, Silver medal, Lissepian supply ship, Sebarr, Coverian freighter, Dahkur Hills, Bestri Woods, Renar, Kylata system, Queen Victoria, Rujian Steeplechase, Vayan horn fly, Fowla system, Minezaki Koto, Louise Samuels, Harrid berry, Bajor VII, Yiri, Altrina, Pythron, Pythro V, Couscous, Prime ossemite, Drohlak, Ilvian Medical Complex, University of Bajor, Surmak Stimson, Surmak Hoek, Spumco, Starduster, Kran-Tobal prison, Karo-net, Korris I, Liyang, L-374 II, L-374 I, Manway, Agamemnon, Hermes, Leto, Paracortex, Horath (person), Ohn-Kor, Kolrod Island, Camorite, Camor system, Camor V, Rippert, Darjeeling tea, Indiana Park, Mekorda sector, Gertrude Stein, Starbase 434, Bar'el, K'Nor, Hatarian system, Corell, Sector 21527, Hayes (Lieutenant), Vellorian Mountains, Selton, Taranko colony, Argaya system, Riley, Carstairs (engineer), Hekaras sector, Confederate Army, Thanatos VII, Hyralan sector, Taugan system, Armstrong, Sector 2158, Argus sector, Academy Range Officer, Plasma infusion unit, Globular cluster, Delta Vega sector, Starbase 237, Canar, Shianna, Muskan seed punch, Imperial War College, Military History, Romulan Intelligence Academy, Pasta al fiorella, Ornithology, Night Bird, Lagana sector, Troy, Tayar, Bosus, Riskian cheese pastry, MS system, Ohniaka system, Gin'tak spear, Tyrellian laser-art, Gaspar VII, Ruah system, Mowray, Landris II, Echevarria system, Carraya system, Enkidu, Uruk, Hlaka soup, Zabee nut, Cona vine, Feldomite, Murinite, Iron Cross, Exochemistry, Bitanium, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Heva VII, Melthusian, Parsion III, Jelinian ale, Fettran risotto, Manchovite, Ansha, Oedipus the King, Jo'Kala, Pericles, Torman V, Detria VI, Detria II, Wagner, Towles, Franklin (Enterprise-D), MS I colony, Brooks (Admiral), Ya'Seem, Kurlan system, Al-Leyan, Gariman sector, Yash-El, Vilmoran system, Sector 21459, Loren system, Indri system, Ruah IV, Chopin, Melnos IV, Chandra V, Caster, Calogan dog, Maria Callas, Rapid City, Cold Moon Over Blackwater, Deriben V, Sophocles, Jorkemo, FGC 13, Titus IV, Igo sector, Freeman Dyson, Dokkaran, Temple of Kural-Hanesh, Alfred Russel Wallace, Moab sector, Claude Monet, New Seattle, Lane, Lillian, Marrab sector, Devidia system, Burgundy, Switzerland, Vendarite, Vek, Vega-Omicron sector, Veytan


I'm not the person who can contribute much to 'big' articles like Andorian or William T. Riker (though I think I did a pretty good job with i.e. K'mpec). I'm more the person who writes the small articles about all the innumberable references to food, planets, species, which nevertheless in my opinion are one of the things which make ST so great compared to other Science-Fiction by creating such a truly vivid and diverse universe.

My current veeeeery long-term project is to eliminate all dead links on Memory Alpha. For this I've travelled to the edge of the Special:Wantedpages , of which there are 11,187 (-106 to last edit) in this moment, and begun reducing this number. Some of them are just in need of a redirect (January 1972), some are false links (Beverly Crushers), but some are real articles (Jelinian ale).

Dieser Benutzer spricht Deutsch als Muttersprache.
This user is able to contribute with an advanced level of English.

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