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Jovan is not named after the cologne. His interests, apart from cancelled science fiction shows from the '60s, include acting, modelling, photography, and clothing.

Birth Edit

He started life as a mislabeled, artificially grown foetus in a eugenics lab in 1986. Soon after he was born and the geneticists realised he was not human, they quickly started plastic surgery on him so he could pass as a Human Augment and keep the whole incident under wraps, rather than submit him to Area 51. They corrected two unusual features of his, which were his pointy ears and upswept eyebrows but left a strange inner eyelid found on his eyes, as they found it would gain him an advantage in the battlefield.

Adoption and early adult life Edit

Alas, another slipup occurred at the eugenics labs and the odd infant was accidentally delivered along with a shipment of medications to an orphanage. Two prospective parents picked him up and named him "Jovan." He was raised among other humans but displayed enormous mental and physical capabilities which made him an outcast from his peers. When he started to mature into a teenager and then a young adult, he showed no signs of aging very much well into his 30s. Naturally making everyone around him suspicious, he started to lead a life off the grid, taking jobs where he could and generally getting by.

Later life Edit

After the third world war, he took refuge with an encampment out in Bozeman, Montana and started to work with Zefram Cochrane on a new ship design. It wasn't until 2063, when First Contact was made, that he learned of his true nature from the strange aliens. He had been left on the planet Terrans called Earth when a stealth expedition mistakenly left an incubated foetus they were running tests on. When he was asked to come back to Vulcan to learn of his ancestry and be among his own race, he politely declined but said he would love to someday, when he was ready. He later became an ambassador to the Vulcan people and lived the rest of his days helping to bring order to what would eventually become the United Federation of Planets.

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