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This should probably be a subcategory of Category:Companies rather than under the production company heading.

Production companiesEdit

The following will be in the parent "Production companies" category rather than any of its subcats:

Television and film production companiesEdit


Should this category be named "Distributors" or "Television and film distributors"?

Film equipment companiesEdit

Visual and special effects companiesEdit

Special effects companiesEdit

(i.e. traditional optical and mechanical effects)

Make-up effects studiosEdit
Matte painting companiesEdit
Model and miniature effects companiesEdit
Prop companiesEdit

Digital visual effects companiesEdit

Post-production companiesEdit

The SFX and VFX subcats which take place in post-production can also be added here. (I think these would be "Model and miniature effects companies" and "Digital visual effects companies".)

The remaining companies listed here performed post-production tasks unrelated to visual and special effects, such as editing, color timing or sound processing. Some, like POP Film and POP Animation, did both, and thus appear in multiple categories.

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