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My name's Joe Harrison and I am a half-blood. Yes that's right: Half-Trekkian, Half-Warsian. I like Star Trek and Star Wars a lot, but recently I have been finding more interest in Trek as it seems more serious and a perfect playground for a nerd/geek like me.

I, in my spare time, am a non-profit Audio Drama Producer and have produced a 5-Part Star Wars saga- Star Wars: Conquest of the Empire, and am working on an 8-Episode Star Wars Series. Also I am producing a Tolkien-esque audio trilogy entitled The Age of the Swords, of which Part I: The Descent of Shadows is currently available for download. More recently, though, I have been working on a new audio project......

Biography Edit

Joseph T. Harrison was born in the State of New Jersey on November 23rd of the Year 1987. His outstanding Tactical, Scientific, and Technological prowess stunned those around him and it was no surprise to anyone when he constructed the first working time machine.

In the year 2005, Harrison used the time machine to jump forward in time to the early 23rd century. Upon reaching this time Harrison immediately joined the Starfleet Academy and instead of taking the normal 4 Years to complete, he only took 4 Months. He then attended Starfleet Command School for half-an-hour and was then assigned to the Starship Enterprise after Captain Robert April's test runs were complete. Harrison served as captain for a number of years before relinquishing command to Captain Christopher Pike.

After relinquishing command of the USS Enterprise, Harrison used his time machine again to jump into the early 24th century. During this time he was assigned to the USS Enterprise-B, on which he served as a random officer.

In 2315, Harrison was promoted to Admiral. Admiral Harrison returned to the Enterprise-B for one last look at her.

Admiral Joseph T. Harrison taking his final look at the bridge of the Enterprise-B.]] Once again, Admiral Harrison used his time machine to jump ahead a few years to 2364. And it was in this time period that he stayed, serving aboard the USS Enterprise-C as a random (and seemingly nameless) officer.

Famous Quote: "There exist some things too precious for those that perceive them as something less than what they may be. Only in the light of tomorrow can we hope to better understand this enigmatic perception."

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