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Star Trek: The Next Generation Edit

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TNG was my first taste of Star Trek. The first episode I ever saw was "Contagion", and I wasn't immediately hooked, but after several more, I was. Since it was my first exposure to Star Trek, TNG will always have a certain sympathetic value that the other series don't, not even DS9. Perhaps the one singular moment in a TNG episode I'll always remember is in "Future Imperfect", on the Bridge, when fake Data says "can't" and Riker shouts, "You used a contraction!" And then the illusion within an illusion breaks, and fake Tomalak comes enters the scene. There are other scenes from around this point in TNG that really bring back memories of sitting in front of the TV in those days when I never dreamed how much I would come to appreciate Star Trek. Anyway, I must be boring you...

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