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USS Defiant orbiting Earth, Past TenseTemplate:ShipClass
USS CentaurCentaur type
USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), DS9Template:ShipClass
Steamrunner class, profile viewTemplate:ShipClass
USS Huron profileTemplate:ShipType
Antares, Charlie X remasteredAntares type
USS Hathaway aftTemplate:ShipClass
USS HonshuTemplate:ShipClass
USS Nash departing DS9Sydney class
USS Prometheus, 2374 (fore)Prometheus class
Federation attack fightersFederation attack fighter
USS CurryCurry type
USS MajesticTemplate:ShipClass
Intrepid class top quarter aftTemplate:ShipClass
USS PasteurOlympic class
Medusan vesselFederation carrier
Galaxy class aftTemplate:ShipClass
USS FirebrandFreedom class
USS Grissom (fore)Template:ShipClass
USS ThunderchildTemplate:ShipClass
Norway class, fcTemplate:ShipClass
USS Enterprise-CTemplate:ShipClass
RunaboutBlockadeDanube class
Saber class, The changing face of evilTemplate:ShipClass
Sovereign class engineering hull torpedo launcherSovereign class

Welcome. My name is Jaz, and I'm a former-administrator here at Memory Alpha, now retired. Feel free to look around. I'm not here very often...

(shameless self-indulgence begins here...)

Some defunct but still interesting stuff:

Defunct because they are now all completed!

My Contributions

I kind of go through phases of presence and absence here - mostly because of extensive travels and work constraints. I reject the notion that one needs to be here all the time to be a part of the team. I drop by when I can, and IMHO, Memory Alpha is better for it. I've made 7,764 edits since registration. One of my earliest big contribution to MA would be Story arc, a real-world article that attempts to catalog the continuing plot threads through Star Trek. While many contributed to this page, it was my brainchild, and was my first major undertaking. For a while, I wrote comic book summaries, including Trekkers, and Ghosts, the latter being a featured article. I also created the Novel Duty Roster, which is now complete. A good chunk of our comic and novel pages were initially created by me. Recently, I've been working on real-world articles, especially performers of minor roles. I also do a lot of copyediting.


My featured article

  • Ghosts 
    Also the first comic book ever to achieve featured status on Memory Alpha. (Obviously Memory Alpha is a collaborative community, but I made the major push toward what the article is today)

Pages I created

(Beginning with the most recent)

  1. Shock
  2. Jonah
  3. Ian Ray
  4. Jill Rockow
  5. Marc Garneau
  6. Template:Canada
  7. Rebecca Soladay
  8. Albert (disambiguation)
  9. Template:Earth languages
  10. Jay Crimp
  11. Schae Harrison
  12. Milan Ruba
  13. Laura Granick
  14. Marx Brothers
  15. David (Bible)
  16. Richard Ortega-Miro
  17. David Orange
  18. Mike Timoney
  19. Alexander Xavier Ponce-Bonano
  20. Valarie Ianniello
  21. Erica Mer
  22. Kevin Killiany
  23. William Lyon Mackenzie King
  24. Gordon Eklund
  25. Jermaine Soto
  26. Template:GreekGods
  27. Elyssa D. Vito
  28. Lydia Nielsen
  29. Joel Polis
  30. Template:FederationAllianceFleets
  31. Edsel
  32. Transporter credit
  33. Gymnastics
  34. Bob Rudd
  35. Felix Locher
  36. Mina Badie
  37. Tim Trella
  38. Thomas Belgrey
  39. Steven Vincent Leigh
  40. Ted Rooney
  41. Eric David Johnson
  42. Marcelo Tubert
  43. Dan Mason
  44. James Saito
  45. Marc Marosi
  46. David Oliver
  47. West Virginia
  48. USS Suleiman
  49. Xarantine ale
  50. Jason Grant Smith
  51. Template:Shakespeare
  52. USS Chicago
  53. Jalhal Award
  54. Volcanology
  55. Paleontology
  56. Afterlife
  57. Geometry
  58. Heaven
  59. Michael DeMeritt (Ensign)
  60. D. Okuda
  61. Bottle show
  62. Cancer
  63. Pie
  64. Barrie Ingham
  65. Power coupling
  66. Plasma burn
  67. Survival Strategies
  68. Bobbie Chase
  69. Trekkers
  70. Bachelor party
  71. Sepek
  72. Template:SolSystem
  73. The Starless World
  74. Passive resistance
  75. Vulcan!
  76. Coma
  77. Spock, Messiah!
  78. Trek to Madworld
  79. Summon the Thunder
  80. My Brother's Keeper
  81. Oblivion
  82. Maker
  83. Enigma
  84. Dark Passions, Book Two
  85. From the Depths
  86. Paula M. Block
  87. Enterprise (novel)
  88. Constitution (novel)
  89. Enemy Territory
  90. Marooned
  91. Power Hungry
  92. Ice Trap
  93. The Eyes of the Beholders
  94. Sins of Commission
  95. Faces of Fire
  96. A Flag Full of Stars
  97. Time for Yesterday
  98. The Cry of the Onlies
  99. Grounded
  100. War Dragons
  101. Gulliver's Fugitives
  102. A Fury Scorned
  103. I, Q
  104. Republic (novel)
  105. In the Name of Honor
  106. The Death of Princes
  107. Fire Ship
  108. The Badlands, Book Two
  109. Dyson Sphere (novel)
  110. Gemworld, Book Two
  111. Vectors
  112. Q-Strike
  113. Star Trek: The Next Generation - Q Continuum
  114. Susan Wright
  115. Quarantine (Double Helix novel)
  116. Triangle: Imzadi II
  117. The Best and the Brightest
  118. Tooth and Claw
  119. Captain Proton: Defender of the Earth
  120. Novel Duty Roster
  121. Echoes
  122. Chrysalis
  123. The Garden
  124. Shadow of Heaven
  125. The Brave and the Bold, Book Two
  126. Cerebral cortex
  127. Dark Passions, Book One
  128. The Brave and the Bold, Book One
  129. Honor Bound
  130. A Good Day to Die
  131. Crisis on Vulcan
  132. Survival
  133. Cybersong
  134. Exodus
  135. Hippocampus
  136. Rihannsu
  137. Richard Taylor
  138. Brett Porter
  139. Jeff Ricketts
  140. Merak II
  141. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Marvel)
  142. Erich Anderson
  143. Ted Sorel
  144. Stephen Parr
  145. Jamie McShane
  146. Scott Leva
  147. Michael Rougas
  148. Ventu
  149. A Time to Sow
  150. Ledos
  151. Distant Shores
  152. Into the Void
  153. Fusion (novel)
  154. Tribal priestess
  155. Joe Haldeman
  156. Story arcs

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