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Kathryn Janeway, 2379

Miss Universe

Janewayfan4497 is a 14 year old boy that enjoys Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise. Captain Janeway, Captain Archer, and Captain Kirk, in his opinion are the most capable captains in Starfleet and in the Federation. He enjoys researching Star Trek and the real universe around us. He is fasanated by the early Soviet space program. His motto on Memory Alpha is "All Hail Janeway!"

Why he likes Janeway Edit

In his opinion, he beleves Captain Janeway is the best in the Federation due to her ability of getting Voyager home in one piece. He also respects Kirk And Archer.

Tribbles Edit

Janewayfan's favority minor caracters are the Tribbles

NewTrekkie Edit

NewTrekkie is a guest nic for the MA IRC Janewayfan used to gain acces to the IRC. Janewayfan is a very paranoid person, and wanted to know that the people at MA IRC thought of him.

Rank Edit

Tng lt Lieutenant

Rank of the Janeway People Edit

Tng vadm Vice Admiral

Aspergers Syndrome Edit

I have been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. This is the reasoning behind my Janeway obsession.

Janewaybot Edit

Yes, you heard correctly! The annoying Janeway obsessed one (me!) is trying to build a bot. I don't know if it will get off of the ground. I will problay need bp0's help if he will offer it. Meanwhile, ill try to read up on making a bot. I am going to try to help the MA Community by building a bot that is not just about Janeway, but is able to serve this community. Thanks for reading.

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Good thing i found this babel feature. I did not know how to add these before. Yes, i do know a little of German, and am a native speaker of English, just like Miss Universe (you know who I mean, Janeway!).

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