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Jadza Lia Edit

The user name on Memory Alpha's Star Trek Wiki for Maria Lucero Isabel Fernandez (b. March 14, 1974; Flagstaff, Arizona).

A loyal Star Trek fan since she was 12 years old, Maria's favorite Trek is Star Trek: Voyager, although she enjoys the other shows as well.

A member of several Star Trek oriented on line role playing games between 1998 and 2005, Maria left the role playing community largely to distance herself from the common anti-Voyager atmosphere on some of the larger role playing games in the community.

Still an avid writer, Maria writes Star Trek fan fiction featuring both canon characters, and characters of her own creation on a regular basis. Most of her canon-based fiction involves the crew of the USS Voyager, and their quest to make their way home from the Delta Quadrant.

Her original stories center around the crew of the USS Legacy-A, an Expedition class ship exploring the galaxy in a series of adventures set immediately after Star Trek Nemesis.

A retail worker in San Francisco, Maria lives with her boyfriend, and her daughter; Rachael Miral, named for B'Elanna Torres' mother. A victim of three separate stalking incidents on the internet, Maria is fircely guarded about her privacy, and will not post her home address or phone number anywhere on line, nor will she display a photograph of herself or her daughter for the same reasons.

But, this hasn't stopped Maria from joining several on line communities, and making many close friends among the people she meets on the net.

A Voyager fan from the show's debut in January, 1995, with the episode "Caretaker", Maria often credits the series, and especially the character of B'Elanna for getting her through school. During the show's second season, Maria was attending UCLA, and was considering dropping out due to the workload. But, inspired by B'Elanna Torres, Maria continued her studies, working towards a degree in computer engineering.

In effect, B'Elanna inspired Maria to achieve something she wasn't able to achieve in her own life, as portrayed on the Voyager series.

An Atheist, Maria is active in Atheist and Agnostic causes; and was originaly drawn to Trek because of it's often secular point of view in it's story telling. She is also politcally liberal.

Along with Star Trek, Maria is also a fan of the Star Wars series of films; and has written several fan fiction stories based in the Star Wars universe. She also enjoys finding the similarities in such things as technology and alien cultures between the two genre and writing crossover fiction where Star Trek and Star Wars come together.

But Maria is, foremost, a Star Trek fan.

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The biogrphy article on B'Elanna Torres, the article on the Trill species (and it's equally informative Talk page), and the very comprehensive biography of Voyager's Seven of Nine.

Also any article regarding the Vulcan species.

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