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Five Thirty-Five Ten Fifteen Forty Twenty-five Twenty Forty-Five Two Thirty
42 Twelve Thirty-seven 32 1+3+3 Twenty-two Twenty+3+4 TWO 5*8 Seventeen

Mineral TableEdit

Mineral Description Reference
Antimonium Standard mineral commodity traded throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. DS9: "Business as Usual"
Bakrinium Mineral ore mined throughout the galaxy. DS9: "The Sword of Kahless"
Benamite Crystalline mineral that can substitute for dilithium to power starships. VOY: "Timeless"
Beresium Common, naturally-occuring ore found in asteroids in the Alpha Quadrant. ENT: "Terra Nova"
Bernicium Naturally-occuring mineral found in the Delta Quadrant. One known location is on Saowin's homeworld where it is used in replicator construction. VOY: "Think Tank"
Bilitrium When combined with an antimatter converter, bilitrium crystals become and extremely powerful energy source. TNG: "Firstborn"
Boronite Rare, naturally-occuring ore found in the Delta Quadrant and used in space station contruction and in the process of Omega molecule synthesis. VOY: "Real Life", "The Omega Directive"
Chrondite Naturally-occuring ore found in asteroids located in Federation space. TNG: "Cost of Living"
Cormaline Common, naturally-occuring mineral actively mined on planets throughout the galaxy. DS9: "The Ship", "Statistical Probabilities", VOY: "Caretaker"
Feldomite Extremely valuable mineral found, most notably, on Parsion III. DS9: "Business as Usual"
Fortanium The D'Arsay used fortanium to construct their archive. TNG: "Masks"
Gallicite Rare, naturally-occuring mineral which is used in Intrepid-class warp coil construction and maintenance. ENT: "Kir'Shara", VOY: "Blood Fever"

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