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Discuss0 (or was a dating service on Earth, established in the late 24th-century by a joint Ferengi-Betazoid business partnership based in Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania.

The company's slogan, "Finding the Up to match your Down!" has won the award of The Worst Slogan in the Alpha Quadrant for 47 consecutive years. has touted this as an honor and a great marketing ploy for their company. They currently have over 2 billion clients spread throughout the Alpha Quadrant, 25% of whom reside in the Sol system.

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HistoryEdit was first established as a front for backroom "dealings" catering to Ferengi traveling to Earth.

In 2392, a Betazoid ambassador mistakenly stumbled upon the main building of these "dealings", believing it to be a hotel. Upon realizing the potentional for a legitimate business, managed by the Ferengi but with Betazoid intuitions on emotions, the Betazoid ambassador, Yallo Taal, and the Ferengi proprietor, Dasark, soon created a business partnership. Dasark later commented that he was merely following Rule 9 of the Rules of Acquisition: "Opportunity plus instinct equals profit." In an interview about his company, Dusark said, "I had the instinct and that Betazoid had the opportunity."

Expansion of the dating service came swiftly after the first contract was signed. One of the most popular branches of was found at Starfleet Academy in San Francisco, California. Among the San Francisco office's many notable customers over the years have been: Cadets Naomi Wildman, Icheb and Miral Paris. opened its first extraplanetary service office in 2394 on Vulcan. The office has widely been regarded as an outlet for suppressed Pon farr syndrome.

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