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Quark&#039;s infested with tribbles

...down in Fraggle Rock.

Fraggle Rock was a Demon class planet where you could dance your cares away, worries for another day. Unfortunately, the planet's inhabitants got a bit too careless and danced right into a group of Transphasic Chroniton Torpedoes. The resulting explosion created an alternate timeline where "Threshold" and "Shades of Gray" were the most well-received episodes of any television series in Earth history. Subsequently, with the elevation of both of these episodes to TV's greatest episodes, Love Boat: The Next Generation was given the "green light" by Paramount to rake in even more gobs of immoral money. Realizing their errors, the Human race destroyed themselves, thus preventing the Federation from being created.

Fortunately, Romulan commander Kathryn Janeway realized that this timeline was non-canon and used her hairdo and her erratic behavior to restore things back to normal. As a result, the Fraggles were not destroyed but were simply transformed from multi-colored creatures with big eyes, frizzled hair, arms and legs to purring Chia Pets. (TNG: "Curse the Effect")

In the year 23-something-or-other, one Chia-Fraggle went back in time to the year 2006. This created yet another alternate timeline in which J.J. Abrams decided to direct a movie about living Chia Pets rather than helm the next Star Trek film. The movie was instead directed by George Lucas and ended up being one of the biggest flops of all time. As a result of how bad the movie was, Star Trek was outlawed everywhere in the world except France, since the French actually liked the movie. Chia Pets: The Movie, on the other hand, was a huge hit and won several Academy Awards. Go figure. (ENT: "Precocious Crap")


  • Originally, Fraggle Rock was written to be a light-hearted place, but director Alexander Siddig and actor Armin Shimerman wanted to take it in a more serious direction. To this end, they gave video copies of select episodes of General Hospital to every cast member to improve on their "dramatic, heart-wrenching and double-crossing" acting talents. (AOL chat, 2012)
  • Fraggle Rock was to have a return of Hugh to the series. Patrick Stewart had made it known that fans would finally figure out the secrets that Livingston had passed on to Hugh while they waited in his ready room. A week later, this claim was summarily dismissed by Livingston as hog-wash poppycock. (Memory Alpha: The Book)
  • Fraggle Rock was hailed by critics as the best thing ever to be shown on television. These critics are all married to the same horse. (ENT Season 5 Special Features: An Odd Direction)
  • A little known fact, all the sets for ENT were build by Doozers using Doozer sticks, along with Jolene Blalock's "cat suit" outfit.


In A Strip in Time, it was revealed that Fraggle Rock is the source of all bad episodes, such as:

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