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The following is an interpretation of the Starfleet organizational structure based on canonical references to various branches, departments, agencies, and other sections of the Starfleet organization (from a 24th century point of view) organized into a hierarchy based on the three known divisions.

Note that although the references to agency names are canon, the interpretation is mostly speculation.

Starfleet officers are occasionally seen in a position or part of a team that is not the same as their formal training, title, or rank, or were members of multiple teams or held multiple titles or positions. Thus, such officers may wear uniform colors different than expected. An example would be Admiral Owen Paris heading up the Pathfinder Project, which is part of Starfleet Communications, an Operations division (yellow) agency, and wore the red of the Command division. Another example is Lieutenant Commander Data who wore operations yellow while being both Chief of Operations and Science Officer aboard the USS Enterprise-D.

Command Division (Red)Edit

Command Division

Provides general strategic direction for Starfleet in terms of resource (personnel and supplies) allocation, exploration, political considerations (with direction from Federation Council), intelligence, judicial administration, and the overall security of the Federation. Communicates with the personnel on starships, starbases, and other Starfleet fixed installations, and works closely with the other divisions, for the relaying of Federation and Command division orders for tactical execution.

Formulates the general strategic planning for fleet deployments, starship missions, and fixed installation operations for all of Starfleet. It routinely organizes task forces and assigns flag officers (or senior personnel with specialized skills) to handle recent developments. The agency's role is of greater importance in times of crisis, such as threats to the security of the Federation. Might be the successor to the Command Council of the 22nd century.

Formerly Starfleet Control of the 23rd century, SMO is in charge of facilitating and relaying mission orders from Strategic Operations to the appropriate Starfleet entities, as well as maintaining open lines of communications for status reports and other enquiries. It is rarely referred to by name in common practice, as it is considered an intricate part of the Starfleet Command reporting structure.

This division seems to have replaced the United Earth Space Probe Agency by (at latest) the 24th century in the capacity of coordinating all exploration missions and projects to ensure such resources are optimally deployed to meet the demands of other Starfleet agencies. Starships under long-term missions of exploration and smaller automated spacecraft like deep space probes fall under the SED's purview, but short-term exploration missions can be disrupted by authority of Strategic Operations in dire circumstances.

Every organization has to take care of its personnel-related matters, and that is where Starfleet Administration shines. "Human" resources of the 24th century are handled professionally and with a lot of dirty PADD-work. Additionally, all general requests for information and non-military communications filter through the agency for proper processing and delivery. Administration is also highly regarded for their ability to schedule and organize the hundreds of subspace-communicated conferences, meetings, and training sessions for Starfleet personnel. Also in charge of the management of Starfleet Headquarters.

This agency specifically deals with facilitating communications between Starfleet departments, agencies, and divisions. Also the content of the Starfleet Officer's Manual.
Found at Starfleet Headquarters and probably in other installations across Starfleet, LS is a specialized office/department of Starfleet Administration that provides first-line technical support to Starfleet personnel for equipment malfunctions and other technology-related devices. Draws personnel from Ops.
PD is the lead agency in the execution of individual and mass personnel movement orders by coordinating with SMO to arrange the necessary transportation and accommodation along the way, such as aboard transport vessels. Related service record updates and compliance to alien policies, such as those restricting the transport of fruit and vegetable into a star system are also handled by this department.
All personnel are entitled to the best safety and health that Starfleet can provide, and the Occupational Safety and Health Command exists to ensure that any such concerns are dealt with in a swift and satisfactory manner.
Because I have no idea where else to put it.
Civilian communications? Like "television"? Relation to Earth Broadcasting Company?

Serving as the judicial level of the Starfleet organizational structure, JAG is responsible for the application and interpretation of Starfleet regulations to its military personnel. Includes judges.

Headed by the Inspector General, the Office has the authority to conduct investigations into suspected misconduct of Starfleet officers that contradict the legal and ethical foundations that Starfleet is based. Possibly working with Federation Security, the Office can bring criminal charges to the attention of JAG for appropriate prosecution, such as a hearing or court martial.

Spying and anti-spying.

Ensuring there are no spies in the Federation.
Rouge agency unofficially recognized by Starfleet Command.

Education of new recruits, both future officers and enlisted personnel. Has multiple campuses and training locations across the Federation. Operates post-graduate entities like Starfleet Medical Academy, Advanced Tactical Training, and Starfleet Command School, and other facilities like the Starfleet Technical Services Academy.

Administration of certain training facilities and programs within the Academy's authority. (Although given the name, the two could conceivably have opposite roles)

Operations Division (Yellow)Edit

Operations Division

Engineering. Power distribution and systems management (including transporters). Non-combat and non-navigation sensors. The "Operations" departments in other Starfleet divisions are closely related to Starfleet Operations, and an officer with operations training and skills can often be found working in these other divisions to provide immediate technical support. Starfleet installations across the Federation may house a central office for this division in Fleet Operations Centers to coordinate their efforts effectively and efficiency.

For starbases, outposts, research stations, Federation colonies, and planets. Also known as Support Services. Works closely with Division of Planetary Operations and Colony Operations.

For starships only.

For the day-to-day operations of orbiting and stationary shipyards, working with Starfleet Mission Operations to coordinate significant repairs, refits, and mothballing of Federation spacecraft. The building of most spacecraft is overseen by the civilian organization Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems in cooperation with the various military branches of Starfleet.

For maintenance of orbiting installations of planets other than shipyards, such as communication satellites and planetary weather control systems.

A specialized group within SOO to handle planetary defenses around Federation planets.

Stuff here.

Weapons design and testing, tactical strategies and maneuvers.

Communication with users of tactical information like SOM and SCE.

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Stuff here.

Stuff here. The Fleet Museum is operated by this agency, and they also manage the Starfleet material supply command database.
Stuff here. Includes responsibilities of the Imaging and sensor technologies division of the 22nd century.
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Stuff here. Manages the Starfleet database (perhaps the same as the Starfleet Galactic Memory Bank from the 23rd century) and maintenance of the Starfleet Com Net.

Sciences Division (Blue)Edit

Sciences Division

Stuff here. Headed by the Starfleet Surgeon General (or was in the 23rd century).

Stuff here. Manages the Starfleet Medical Database and publishes the Starfleet Medical Journal.

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Stuff here.

Federation entities Edit

The Federation also has various agencies that share similarities to some of the Starfleet aforementioned entities, but most likely consist of predominately civilian personnel. It is uncertain how many of them interact with their Starfleet counterparts, and at what capacity.




The below are space-capable vessels designated with the prefix Federation:

The above, along with other types of vessels and installations, like Federation probes, Federation outposts, Federation shipyards, Federation shuttlecraft, Federation starbases, and Federation starships, are assumed to be mostly operated by Starfleet.

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