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April 9, 2009

This brief blurb was placed here to eliminate Indefatigable's user page from clogging up Wanted Pages. If you are the user, please feel free to let the public know a little more about you and your contributions.

Why Indefatigable?Edit

For those of you wondering why I use the name Indefatigable, it comes from a starship that should have existed, USS Indefatigable, after a famous 18th/19th Century Royal Navy frigate which featured in Hornblower. She was in fact a real ship, and had quite a history, look her up one day.

Who I amEdit

I am a zoologist based in Great Britain, and have been a confirmed Star Trek fan for almost my whole life. It was a weekly ritual as I grew up, since both my parents are great fans as well. Every Wednesday at 6 p.m., we would all sit down together and watch TNG or TOS on BBC2. It's not just an interest, it's a family tradition, and it helped spark my lifelong passion for science. If I was on board the Enterprise I would wear a blue shirt and spend my life with a tricorder. Even now, despite the fact that I see through all the plot holes, I still watch avidly. I even tried writing a script for VOY once, and again for ENT. Both stalled. The main reason I still love it is that it is a future that I believe just might come about one day, a future that real people might live in, and a positive future. Star Trek isn't about wars and violence (or at least it's not meant to be), it's about going out and exploring peacefully, getting along with people.

Reasons for contributingEdit

Quite simply, it's interesting to document things. Scientists observe and record, and that's what I'm trying to do. Yes, it's a fictional universe, not the behaviour of the Pink-footed Goose, but it's still interesting. For as long as I watch, I record and note. Anything important or lacking in existing data, I will add if possible, and try to analyse other data to produce a clearer picture of events. It's about accuracy and clear information. Please see my contributions page for more. --Indefatigable 23:04, 10 June 2009 (UTC)

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