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I'm not big on writing articles, but I try and weave my way around MA with a red pen, putting right what once went wrong...

These are a few of my favourite things...

I like Star Trek.

Among my favourites are:

Tomorrow Is Yesterday, The Trouble With Tribbles, Mirror, Mirror, A Piece Of The Action, Assignment Earth, All Our Yesterdays

Mudd's Passion, The Eye Of The Beholder

Q Who, Yesterday's Enterprise, Brothers, Clues, The Nth Degree, Conundrum, Rightful Heir, Parallels

Captive Pursuit, The Wire, Tribunal, The House Of Quark, The Visitor, Little Green Men, Hard Time, To The Death, The Quickening, Trials And Tribble-ations, Who Mourns For Morn?, Far Beyond The Stars, One Little Ship, Inquisition, In The Pale Moonlight

Eye Of The Needle, Death Wish, Tuvix, Distant Origin, Worst Case Scenario, Living Witness, Live Fast And Prosper

Broken Bow; The Andorian Incident; Cold Front; Acquisition; Detained; Shockwave, Parts I & II; Carbon Creek; Dead Stop; Cease Fire; Future Tense; Judgment, Regeneration; Twilight; North Star; Similitude; Carpenter Street; Proving Ground; Countdown; Zero Hour; Storm Front, Parts I & II; Home; Borderland, Cold Station 12 & The Augments; The Forge, Awakenings & Kir’Shara; Observer Effect; Babel One, United & The Aenar; Affliction & Divergence; In A Mirror Darkly, Parts I & II; Demons & Terra Prime.

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Star Trek: First Contact

And by far my favourite character is Miles O'Brien.

I blog a blog

Here: [1] and any Star Trek related posts would be here:[2]

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