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The order of thingsEdit

(1) Deep Space Nine; (2) TOS Movies (exluding #5 - see below); (3) The Next Generation Movies; (4) The Next Generation; (3) The Original Series; (4) Enterprise; (5) Voyager; (6) Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.

Summed up: That's my opinion pretty much. It's a hard call between TOS and TNG series and movies, but DS9 is clearly the best Trek to date for breaking the boundaries and going where no Trek has gone before or since. Enterprise was a decent but flawed attempt at a prequel, and Voyager had to rely on handmedowns from TNG (the Borg) to survive.

Re Voyager: quite frankly, Captain Janeway was too masculine. I would've been interested to see a truly feminine captain like Dr. Crusher or possible a vulcan female. Chakotay was cool and made up for a lot, but the crew was far too Human to be very interesting. TNG boasted a much more diverse cast. Even B'elanna was half human. Gimme a break - isn't it the United Federation of planets? Why can't we have a freaking Andorian? I'm sorry, but adding the 1st Native American and an Asian hardly constitutes diversity in an alliance of over 150 worlds. Also, it was just a boring/depressing premise, and the first few seasons regularly sucked by Trek standards. Still, it was decent entertainment. The Borg were insteresting, even if Voyager treated them inconsistently.

Re Enterprise: I was mostly disappointed that they didn't get around to really showing us the birth of the Federation. I would've loved a series about the forming of the Federation and another about its early days. Lots of Andorians.

Re Andorians: Why do we have so few of them? They're a charter member! For crying out loud, all I want are more Andorians in Trek. Enterprise should've made Commander Shran a regular.

Re Jeffrey Combs: He just plain rocks at every Trek role he gets. They need to put him on the payroll for every series. Heck, he'd have made a great Riker if Jonathan Frakes hadn 't beat him for the role (though I love Frakes). They need to cast him in the new movie, or they are fools.

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