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Ibanesse is a 30-something from New York City who currently lives in Lower Manhattan. Ibanesse's earliest television memory was watching an episode of TOS, most likely "Balance of Terror", around 1982. Ibanesse's doom was sealed by the sheer awesomeness of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan on home video, which was rented from the local video store on East 72nd Street so many times, it was likely worn out by 1984. Ibanesse has trouble sleeping thanks to an exceptionally overactive mind, and thus spends far too much time editing wikis, writing blogs, and commenting on YouTube videos and discussion boards about absoltutely everything ever (but mostly nerdy things). Ibanesse's gender is a total mystery to the online universe. Ibanesse prefers it that way. Ibanesse also enjoys using third-person sentences.

Ibanesse is both simultaneously proud and horrified by the fact that Ibanesse owns the entire Star Trek franchise on DVD. Even TAS, for God's sake.

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