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Function Edit

Replaces all simple episode references with a template call. "Simple" references are:

  • ([[SER]]: "[[EPISODE]]")
  • ([[SER]]: "[[EPISODE (episode)|EPISODE]]")

Code snippet Edit

The following can be added to the fixes at, then be called using

  • -fix:epref.
    'epref': {
        'regex': True,
        'msg': {
            'en':u'episode reference template',
        'replacements': [
            (u'\(\[\[(TOS|TAS|TNG|DS9|VOY|ENT)\]\]: \"\[\[([^\[]*?) \(episode\)\|\\2\]\]\"\)', r'({{\1|\2}})'),
            (u'\(\[\[(TOS|TAS|TNG|DS9|VOY|ENT)\]\]: \"\[\[([^\[]*?)\|([^\[]*?)\]\]\"\)', r'({{\1|\2}})'),
            (u'\(\[\[(TOS|TAS|TNG|DS9|VOY|ENT)\]\]: \"\[\[([^\[]*?)\]\]\"\)', r'({{\1|\2}})'),

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