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This is an archived page. We are not accepting donations at this time!

Memory Alpha is a non-profit website owned and operated by Dan Carlson and Harry Doddema to provide a free and openly-available Star Trek reference source for all fans. Because we choose not to allow any advertisements on this site, all expenses for Memory Alpha are paid out-of-pocket by the owners, in advance. They do this freely, because Memory Alpha is more than just a project — it's a hobby and a passion.

Why Help Memory Alpha?Edit

If you're reading this, chances are you're already a Star Trek fan, and so you have a pretty good idea of why we would want to run a project like Memory Alpha. We do this for fun, because we love the grand and optimistic universe that Gene Roddenberry and so many others have created.

All proceeds donated will be used specifically and only for the support of the Memory Alpha website. (This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, fees for hosting and for the domain name.) If donations exceed the costs for the current year, any and all additional funds donated will be saved for the next year's expenses. They will not be used for any of the webmasters' personal expenses.

As of September 2004, Memory Alpha's hosting costs 15€ per month, and that price is expected to rise as the community expands and requires more bandwidth and storage space.

How to DonateEdit

If you would like to help support Memory Alpha, you can send donations either through PayPal (for credit cards), or by mail to the webmasters directly (please see below). Do not send hard currency through the mail — it will probably be stolen!

The most convenient means of donating to Memory Alpha is through PayPal — it can be handled quickly online for only a small handling surcharge. Click on the link corresponding to your local currency from the list below.

PayPal_donate.pngflag_usa.gifUnited States Dollars
PayPal_donate.pngflag_eu.gifEuropean Union Euros
PayPal_donate.pngflag_uk.gifBritish Pounds
PayPal_donate.pngflag_can.gifCanadian Dollars
PayPal_donate.pngflag_ufp.gifFederation Credits

If you choose to donate via credit card, PayPal will deduct a 3.2% surcharge from the total amount transferred. Please take this into account when you send your donations!

Alternatively, you may send a donation through the regular mail, to one of the following addresses:

Memory Alpha

c/o Daniel Carlson
114 Grand Canyon Court
Bear, DE 19701-1784

Memory Alpha

c/o Harry Doddema
Roer 247
9733 AM Groningen
The Netherlands

If you will be sending a donation from outside the country of the recipient, please remember that an international money order or check (cheque) payable to a United States or European Union bank would help immensely. (Redeeming a check from a foreign bank would require fees of $30 or more!) You can get an international money order at post offices in many countries around the world.

Deductability of DonationsEdit

Please note that any donations are likely not tax-deductible, either in the United States or other countries, because Memory Alpha and its owners are not registered as a non-profit organization. However, you should check with your tax advisor if you wish to obtain more information.

See also: Memory Alpha:Donation history

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