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Gorn-Borg Edit

An assimilated Gorn... quite and interesting thought. I have often wondered of interesting things may have happened to little mentioned races and locations when large events occur in the Star Trek universe. Such as, the path of the first Borg cube on it's way to earth. It would have gone straight through Gorn, and Tholian space (as well as many others). Did they challange them, and did any of them get assimilated?

I have been a fan of Star Trek for over 18 yeears now - and counting. I appreciate Star Trek for it's Philisophical and Scientific propositions; as well as it's action! At the moment, I am slowly watching every episode of every series/movie in order of air date on DVD. At the conclusion of the last ENT episode, a group of us will be going to the Star Trek Exeprience!

My Top 10 Favourites Edit



(Other character candidates include Quark, Reginald Barclay, Weyoun, Leonard McCoy, Martok, Dukat, Spot, Doctor Chaotica, Zek, Vorik, Montgomery Scott, Satan's Robot, and Tuvok.)



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