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For the Human General and United States of America President see Ulysses Grant

Caption: Maj General Josiah Wambleeska Wilbury, 1865
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Born: 18 Iyyar 5733
Place of Birth: Gotham City, New York, USA - Earth
Aliases: Elijah Keoni Wilbury, Eliyahu Qeoni, אליהו קאוני בן אברהם ושרה, J.B.J. Leys, John W. Leys, Josiah Wambleeska Wilbury, William Augustus Wilbury, et al.
Rank: Major General in the Union Army | Specialist in the United States Army | Captain in the Federation Starfleet
Father: Dorsey Conway Wilbury; Avraham ben Terah (adopted father)
Mother: Gayle Susanna Koa; Sarah bat Terah (adopted mother)
Siblings: Yitzaq ben Abraham (adopted brother)
Grandfather: Dorsey Abraham Wilbury
Other Relatives: Charles Trescot Wilbury (Great-Uncle), Spike Wilbury (Cousin), Nelson Wilbury (Cousin), Rex Reid "Lefty" Wilbury (Cousin), Zimmerman Beauregard "Lucky" Wilbury (Cousin), Otis Clayton Wilbury (Cousin), Charles Trescott "Muddy" Wilbury, Jr. (Cousin), Woodrow Wilson Wilbury (great-Uncle), et al.
Languages Skills: English (Native), Ancient Hebrew, Latin, Greek (negligible), Akkadian.
Musical Instruments: Ukulele, Banjulele, Alto Sax, Soprano Recorder, Harmonica
Caption: Captain William Augustus Wilbury, 2266
Favorite Trek Series: Star Trek (TOS)
Favorite Trek Movie: Star Trek III (at the moment)
Favorite Trek Character Who isn't James T. Kirk: Captain Montgomery Scott
Caption: Elijah Wilbury, 2006

General Grant takes his user name from Lt General Ulysses S. Grant, hero of the U.S. Civil War and later President of the United States. He has been a Star Trek fan for as long as he can remember and while having a strong preference for the original series has watched nearly all of the produced Trek episodes (Though he honestly wishes he had skipped more than a few of them). He served for five years in the US Army, has a BA in Religious Studies, and MA in Judaic Studies and is working on a second MA in Education with the goal of teaching Middle/High School (A sure mark of an insane mind).

When he's not obsessing about Star Trek he's likely obsessing about something else. Or playing a ukulele.

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