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I Research lots of infomation give it out mainly for those who wish to create fan fiction with wanting to be as close to the known facts with out searching the whole web also i theorise what could/should be and i'm willing to help anyone how would like info or run an idea by me just do so if i can help be sure i will.

Offical Or Not

I Belive that if Parmount has put there logo and trade mark on it it should be considered semi- offical or Offical depending on what it is for example: Star Trek Legacy it explains the orgins of the borg and the infomation used is spread out across Star Trek First Contact/Star Trek The motion Picture/TNG/Voyager.(On a side note their explantion was the same as an idea i had a few years before). How ever i dont think books should count as offical my be semi offical as i noticed some of the books contradict each other. so this has lead me to belive that some sources that may not be considered Offical by most perhaps should be. How ever Paramount has officaly stated that Canon infomation is up to indevidual Fans/Producers and such. They have even stated the Gene Roddenberry often changed his mind as to what was canon. They have stated that some events in the movies have come in to Question. so if you have and idea and can find enough infomation to back it, it may be considered as canon. hope this settles some of the ongoing arguments.

Thanks for reading

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