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- Ex student of mathematical physics, dropped out because of major sucks but I just like to tell people it was because of the lack of mathematical rigour there. (I know strange symbolz) - Graphics artist / illustrator / designer (I drawz) - Sound score composer / sound designer (I musixz) - Web design / web development (I codez valid XHTML + CSSZ) - DS9 + third season of ENT all the way, the rest is just optimistic shit for yanks and wankers alike. - Garak, Shran, Dukat, Bashir, Sloan, Odo, Kes - In a Mirror Darkly, Damage, Storm Front, In the Pale Moonlight, Inter Arma Enim Leges Selient, Sacrifice of Angels,

Lethal quotes made by yours truly:

"I'm a Niner, Jim, not a Trekkie."

(After seeing the new Bridge of the Enterprise) "So Steve Jobs also has shares in Paramount after Pixar now?"

"Shatner's shots first"

"If you don't have any-thing new to say, don't say any-thing at all."

"Games are like girls, you have to appreciate them for their depth, not their looks; if you truly take the time to get to know them the good times last longer and all the best one's are the make of around 1999."

"Playing the Wii is like having sex, it's no fun if it's with less than four people, your room is usually not large enough for it and you feel dead ashamed when other people watch you do it."

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my webcomic, naturally features a lot of Star Trek jokes as well as games, mathematics, Japan, oh, and making fun of the black metal scene, usually a combination of all, you probably don't get them, stay away from it.
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