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I'm a 20something chick who is the poster child for a quarter life crisis. I just recently discovered Memory Alpha, and I'm still learning wiki formatting. Right now I mostly edit grammar issues and crucial DS9 plot points. My big thing right now is apostrophe and comma abuse. What did they ever do to you?!

I'm also currently on a project to watch the entire run of Enterprise, of which I have only seen a handful of episodes.

My current shows are Battlestar Galactica (Ron Moore is the man!) and Lost (J.J. Abrams likes to melt my brain.)

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Episodes I haven't seen:

Star Trek: The Original Series:

Star Trek: The Next Generation:

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine:

(I wish I hadn't seen "Melora", but alas, I have. The same goes for "Let He Who Is Without Sin...")

(Yeah, DS9 was kind of my favourite. )

Star Trek: Voyager:

And to cut this short, I've only seen the following episodes of S7

The same goes for Star Trek: Enterprise:

I have not seen any of Star Trek: The Animated Series.

My favourite episode is "In the Pale Moonlight", followed by really any episode Garak appears in, as well as any Mirror universe episodes.

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