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About MeEdit

I'm a lady in her 30s who is seriously obsessed with all things Trek. Even the Abrams stuff, although I'll turn into one of those stereotypical nerds if you get me started on Into Darkness!

Show TrackerEdit

Episodes I haven't seen:

Star Trek: The Original Series:

Star Trek: The Next Generation:

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine:

(I wish I hadn't seen "Melora", but alas, I have. The same goes for "Let He Who Is Without Sin...")

(Yeah, DS9 was kind of my favourite. )

Star Trek: Voyager:

And to cut this short, I've only seen the following episodes of S7

The same goes for Star Trek: Enterprise:

I have not seen any of Star Trek: The Animated Series.

My favourite episode is "In the Pale Moonlight", followed by really any episode Garak appears in, as well as any Mirror universe episodes.

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