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The Star Trek Service Record Simulator is a turn based computer simulator which allows a player to create a virtual character who then joins Starfleet (or the Federation Merchant Marine) and embark on a career determined by the choices of the player, events in the game, or a combination of both. The game is designed to allow a character to serve in a variety of career paths in any branch of the Starfleet or Merchant Marine.

Throughout the simulation, a military service record is maintained for each player tracking the accomplishments and activities throughout the game. Records also exist for all starships, starbases, shore offices, and command installations. The simulator further maintains a "Uniforms and Awards folder" where a character's Starfleet uniforms and decorations are maintained. Updates to these records are regularly e-mailed to players and a final record can be burned to a CD (at the player's request) when and if a player departs the game.

The simulator plays month by month ranging from January 2230 to December 2380. Starships, equipment, bases, and uniforms are also period specific and change over time. The service and unit records in the simulator are based entirely on real U.S. military records as are the procedures for serving and advancing in the game.

The Star Trek Service Record Simulator was originally written in the year 1998 based on the program Star Trek: Starship Creator. After three expansions to the simulator, an attempt was made to sell the game to Simon and Schuster in 2004, but due to various copyright matters and other complications, the game never became an actual computer software project. After a final expansion in 2008, the most up-to-date version of the service record simulator came on line in January 2009.

The service record simulator needs live action players!

Any interested party may contact the game master for a character application at:

After all the library serves no purpose unless someone is using it. -Mr. Atoz


Service Record CoversEdit

Officer Service Record Cover


Enlisted Service Record Cover


Merchant Marine Service Record Cover


Officer Candidate School Service Record Cover

The "never-seen-onscreen" Starfleet Officer Candidate School, an alternative commissioning source for prospective officers with college degrees who did not attend Starfleet Academy.


Staff Officer College Service Record Cover

Staff Officer College is the service record simulator's answer to doctors, lawyers, and scientists who join Starfleet already with advanced degrees. Such persons, who obviously are not recent graduates of Starfleet Academy must still receive an abbreviated training period as Officer Candidates before becoming commissioned officers.


Service Record PagesEdit

A personnel data card from the Starfleet Staff Officer College, detailing a Vulcan scientist seeking a commission as a Starfleet Science Officer


Uniforms and AwardsEdit

Starfleet uniforms and insignia of the 2250s (Nero's time changes be damned...God bless the pilot uniforms!)



Starship ImagesEdit

Merchant Marine ImagesEdit

Cover page for the ship's history jacket of a J Class Cargo Freighter


Unit History PagesEdit

A security alert drill onboard Starbase One


Intelligence File PagesEdit

The Starfleet Intelligence fact file for the Klingon race


The intelligence file for Humans.


The intelligence file for Earth.


Space Sector ImagesEdit

Sector 001 in the summer of 2230, showing slight commerical traffic


Star System ImagesEdit

The inner planets and asteriod belt of the 40 Eridani star system (as seen in "Spock's World")


Planet ImagesEdit

Earth Closeup View in 2230


Surface ImagesEdit

Map of the Starfleet Academy Campus with adjoining Starfleet Headquarters compound


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