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Personnel file of Fleet Captain

"But I assure you, sir, that the execution of my duties is entirely unaffected by my private opinion of you."
-Marlon Brando as "Fletcher Christian"

Personal Data

  • Name: Removed per Privacy Act of 2173
  • Age: 33 (Earth Years)
  • Permanent Residence: St. Louis, Missouri, Earth
  • Citizenship: United Federation of Planets
  • Current rank: Fleet Captain
  • Current Assignment: Commanding Officer, USS Saint Louis
  • Starfleet Designation: Starship Warfare, Command Qualified
  • Service Number: ST-1703-XE1975-C

Dates of Rank

Mov ens

Mov ltjg

Mov lt

Mov ltcmdr

Mov cmdr

Mov capt

Dates of Assignment

USS Brattain
Billets: Power systems officer, Assistant chief engineer

USS Enterprise-A quarter
Billets: Security officer, Records officer

USS Enterprise approaches the Earth Spacedock
Billets: Admiral's Aide

USS Lakota
Billets: Operations officer

USS Grissom (aft)
Billets: Executive officer

USS Hathaway aft
Billets: Commanding officer

Significant Awards

  • Star Cross
  • Silver Star
  • Legion of Merit
  • Starfleet Commendation Medal
  • Starfleet Achievement Medal
  • Federation Service Medal
  • Cardassian Service Medal
  • Klingon Service Medal
  • Romulan Service Medal

Historical Navy File

My ancestor was an officer of the United States Navy from 1998 to 2022.

During his service, he performed duty onboard a warship and also served in Korea, Japan, and the Middle East.

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