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May 13, 2008

Hey, I finally made 100 edits. Pales in comparison to most, I'm sure, but I'm proud nonetheless.

I first got into Star Trek thanks to an awesome history teacher I had in 10th grade. He had us watch Star Trek movies (I - V) as a metaphor for human issues and topics. So I watched the movies before I saw a full episode of TOS. Then I watched all of TOS episodes, renting them one at a time from the library. Finally in college a friend of mine had me watch my first TNG episode, which was "Phantasms". I still think one of the funniest lines is Worf offering a slice of "cellular peptide cake with mint frosting."

Favorite Episodes

I'm still working on this list, but here's a start.

I love classical music, so I have a special place for episodes that feature music: "Lessons", "Virtuoso", "Inheritance", "In Theory", "Sarek"

The scariest episodes I love are: "Frame of Mind", "Scorpion" and "Scorpion, Part II", "Schisms"

The funniest episodes I love are: "Message in a Bottle"

And the most heartrending episodes to me are: "Lessons", "Tuvix", "Duet", "Hard Time"


From TOS, my favorite main character is Leonard McCoy. My least favorite character is Yeoman Janice Rand.

From TNG, my favorite main character is Data, and of course Wesley Crusher is annoying.

From DS9, my favorite main character is Quark. My least favorite is probably Keiko. Sorry, she's a little whiney.

From VOY, my favorite main character is Seven of Nine with The Doctor a close second. My least favorite character is Neelix (probably why "Tuvix" was so sad to me).

From ENT, I say, what is this "Enterprise" of which you speak?

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