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Hello, reader, and welcome to my story page! This is a link from my biography page, and I assume you're here because you were interested in hearing more about the stories I write. I hope it wasn't too much of a bother to click the extra link, but I didn't want to bore anyone who didn't want to read it, like I said earlier.

Most of the stories I write are Naomi Wildman Tales. I have written 31 of them, and I'm very proud of how they turned out.

Naomi Wildman and the...

Holo-Help, Trouble with Neelix, Mission with B'Elanna, Unforgettable Day, Danger from the Borg, Possible Way Home, Theater Production, Shore Leave Planet, Unsolvable Puzzle, Mysterious Illness, Visit from Q, Search for Mezoti, Party in the Mess Hall, Maquis Rebellion, Favor for the Captain, War Between Worlds, Stowaway, Strange Sickness, Glimpse of the Future, Klingon Lesson, Holo-Family, 20th Century TV, Identity Switch, Message from Greskrendtregk, Other Humans, Olympic Training, Encounter with the Nexus, Crystalline Nebula, Kadis-kot Tournament, New Beginning, and Christmas Party.

So, that's the Naomi Wildman list. I didn't want to summarize them all, but they're a lot like the titles. If you still really want to read on, go ahead, but I totally understand if you don't want to. I get that it's hard to follow other people sometimes. ;)

I have also written "Aboard the Enterprise", a TNG story where it's told from an ensign's point of view as ship's events happen. I also tried my hand at writing DS9- I got two stories out of it. "So Far Away" is about Jadzia needing to go to the Gamma Quadrant, but she's having trouble using a lot of energy. "Dax's Mini Me" is another one about Jadzia, who adopts a little girl who was the only one on her ship to survive its destruction. My only Enterprise-series story is called, "Surviving in the Decont Chamber," and it's about Hoshi and T'Pol managing to get to decont during an outbreak and them having to survive on their own with the rest of the crew unconscious.

Well, that's my whole list thus far. I hope to keep writing more, and I'm really sorry if I have in any way used up your time for the worse. I know it's hard to get excited about what other people have done, but I'm really proud of my accomplishments and it's hard not to share them when an oppertunity comes along. Thanks for looking!


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