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Warning: this user is not fully functional until she's had her tea.

Ellamurr is a brand-shiny-new contributor who is currently living in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. She spent her formative years reading Star Trek novels and episode summaries, as fancy things like television antennas didn't work out in cornfields where she grew up. Since rejoining the twenty-first century, she has seen nearly every episode of Trek except those from TAS. She hopes to remedy that oversight before the end of 2006. Her early exposure to the novels has rendered her useless when it comes to differentiating between canon and non-canon facts, so she relies very heavily on the Memory Alpha search function to keep her in line.

When not working or being a Chief Domestic Officer, she spends her time serving the dominant felinoid species that shares her dwellings. Presently she is re-reading novels with the hopes of assisting in the Novel project started by Jaz. She is also going to stop typing about herself in the third person now as it is giving her a Klingon-sized headache.

Favorites and Unfavorites Edit

I've really enjoyed all of the Trek series I've seen to date, but seasons 3-7 of Deep Space Nine are my favorite.
There have been so very many good episodes. Two random favorites of mine are TOS: "The Cage" and DS9: "Far Beyond the Stars". The only episode I have ever actively disliked is the Enterprise finale, "These Are the Voyages..."
Too many favorites to list. As far as "unfavorite" characters, I absolutely hated Winn Adami, but at the same time I loved that I could hate her so much. The characterization and portrayal were just excellent - they made me dislike Winn as a person, not as a character, if that makes sense. However, I will fully admit to gritting my teeth during Lwaxana Troi's appearances, especially those on DS9. She's infinitely more enjoyable in book form (see Q-in-Law).
In my opinion, the novels by Peter David are at the head of the class. He's witty without turning it into a farce, and the reappearing characters he's created are compelling. The books I enjoy least are the collaborations between Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath. I've found their books to consist almost entirely of irrelevant pseudo-philosophical ramblings, and I've always harboured a sneaking suspicion that those books were written for their own onanistic writerly pleasures. Kind of like this user page, perhaps.

Conclusion Edit

Though I've been coming here for information for at least a year, it never occurred to me to make edits until a few weeks ago. My previous wiki-editing experience is limited to spelling and grammar tweaks as an anonymous user over at the main Wiki. If you have any constructive criticism to pass on to a new and somewhat shy contributor, please drop by my talk page and share your wisdom. I can also be reached by email at ellataylor -at- gmail -dot- com, though it's admittedly rarely checked.

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