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June 3, 2007
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Name: Stephan LeMay
Location: Port St. Lucie, Florida, United States
Born: June 7, 1979
Occupation: Electronics Sales, Private DJ, Video Editor
Likes: Electronics, Circut Building, Music, Editing, Star Trek (TNG, VOY), 4-wheeling (ATV)

Thursday February, 2016 13:09


I am new at this so I am not quite sure how to proceed. As I continue to make contributions, I will learn to do more to make my contributions more useful.


I made my first contribution by adding a photo of Les Landau to his page on 6/3/07.

I then did my first (what I think to be) MAJOR edit by adding great detail to VOY: "The Cloud" including several pictures.

Although "Eye of the Needle" was already done by someone else, upon reading it, I thought it lacked continuity and detail so I thought I would add more (maybe too much more) detail and pictures to it.

About MeEdit

Although I am not a fanatic or a Trekkie, I an a fan and I really enjoy Voyager. I have seen every episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation several times (Thanks to SpikeTV) I started watching Enterprise in the 3rd season but never really got into it except for the Xindi episodes.

I never participated in roll playing nor have I ever attended a convention. My total collection of Voyager is two 1.5 foot models, the entire series on DVD, and this website.

I currently work for a large electronics company who shall remain unnamed but they have a red "®" as their logo.

I am a trained Linear and non-Linear editor but I seem to prefer Linear. Something about handling tapes still intrigues me.

I am also a Private DJ. I love music and I love to play it for others. I am working on getting more DMX lighting to put on a real show!


Please direct all comments to my Talk Page.When you place your comments there, I get immediate notification that a message has been left.

Thank You. Editor3000

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