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See my homepage.

I've also been lurking and chatting on #memory-alpha under the same nickname. I've been posting about Star Trek in the forum from Gamespot union Starfleet Command under the same nickname. Up to now Memory alpha is my favorite resource about Star Trek ; kudos to its maintainers and contributors!

I'm interested in Fan fiction ; Star Trek: Phase II (formally New Voyages) seem pretty nice.




  1. Posters, photos, or model of the images used in scene location transition. For example the image used to represent Ferenginar or a model of Starbase 375.
  2. Large embroidered patch for a fall/spring coat, especially related to the Federation.
  3. Model of the station Deep Space 9.
  4. Memorabilia related to Quark's
  5. Replica of the mug shown in "The Quickening" that Worf received after replicating a glass of prune juice in the mess hall of the Defiant, it even made the infamous "Come to Quark's, Quark's is fun, come right now, don't walk - run!" (listen) as he tipped it over.
  6. Replica of a Raktajino mug.
  7. Model of USS Pasteur (NCC-58925), as a model was in DS9 (Deep Space 9) commanding officer (Sisko) office.
  8. Model of USS Defiant (2370) as it's the prized ship of the station Deep Space 9.
  9. Bust of the Blessed Exchequer.
  10. Model of USS Voyager as it's the home of the first serie I followed.
  11. Memorabilia related to Star Trek: The Experience.

Personal listEdit

Best serieEdit

  1. tie:
  2. Voyager (VOY) The first I followed ; similar to TNG (minus innovation).
  3. Enterprise (ENT) Good visuals but story-lines not up to others and characters not so endearing.

I haven't followed the others: The original serie (TOS), The animated serie (TAS).

Worst episodesEdit

  1. "These Are the Voyages..." Considering the content related to Enterprise, it's not bad but considering it's a serie finale, it's real bad!
  2. "Skin of Evil" As the crew dealt with the foe Armus, I though something interesting would come out of it but it just went on and on... Then something real bad happen and is turned into an enactment of an idiotic proverb alike "love your colleagues like your family". I'm so happy that it was the only (Star Trek) story from that writer.
  3. "Shades of Gray" Lesser worst (those will stay at the bottom of the list as it grows) I did a lot of fast forward as it was filled with flashbacks ; it's especially bad because it's a season finale.

Best songsEdit

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