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November 13, 2009
  • I live in in a land so far away, and yet so much closer than you realize
  • My occupation is professional daydreamer
  • I am not relevant

Wikias I founded or am an administrator atEdit

  • I adopted the Gantz Wikia some time ago, it haven't almost nothing there and almost dead, and have done a considerable amount of work on it, and attracted other contributors as well.
  • I am the administrator of the Voltron Wikia which I founded, there nothing but a blank stub there before, I trying to preserve information being destroyed on the Wikipedia.
  • I am also the administrator of the Total Annihilation Wikia it almost totally empty, having just one or two pages and a few unrelated images someone had put there before.
  • I create the wiki for Sid Meir's Alpha Centauri since I enjoy the game, and no one had made one yet(Probably because it was released more than 10 years ago without any sequels).
  • I decided to stop the rampant destruction of manga articles on the Wikipedia by adopting the long abandoned Manga Wiki, it nothing but a redirect since those there had given up on it. I then exported thousands of articles from Wikipedia, to be imported there.
  • I created the Taylor Swift wikia since there were a dozen stubs but no actual wiki yet.
  • I also become one of the administrators at the Gaming wiki for a short period of time, before loosing that as I irritated a few others by mass importing over every single game related article from Wikipedia, that over ten thousand articles, it now accounting for most of the articles over there. They didn't have much to begin with, so that should've helped. But alas, they didn't see things that way, so whatever. I got other wikis to focus on.
  • I am an administrator at the Neon Genesis Evangelion wikia now, and have successfully imported over all the articles from that great series from the Wikipedia. Two are up for deletion now, and the rest are potentially threatened, most of the related articles over there going to be wiped out, like they did to other series in the past. Start with one or two, then take them all out. So its good people can now find that information somewhere else, and the wikia does allow people to expand things out more so.

Dream Focus 03:11, December 10, 2010 (UTC)

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